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Thursday, May 26, 2011

How To Curl Your Hair And Hold It For Long Time Then Get It Back Straight Whenever You Want.

Went back to K.L from Melaka end of last month before I travel to Penang-Kulim to my internship. I was very lucky to get invited to Zouk by Elwyn for the Astro Spin Master 2 Press Conference. Since I was free, I decided to doll up myself a bit ^ ^

I curled my hair at 7pm and the curls are still curvy at 2am. 7 hours is a loooooong time!

I have a small tip on how to have long lasting curls without any hair product:
1. Wash your hair
2. Use a tower to absorb some moist from the hair but do not dry it.
3. Separate hairs into sections
4. Put ur hairs into the heated bar according to your preference.
5. Let your hair stay in the bar for longer time.
6. Wait until your hair is 95% dry, then remove your hair from the bar slowly(Do not wait till your hair 100% dry, else it might burn ur hair)
7. If your hair is not dry enough when you remove your hair, repeat step 4-6.
8. No hair spray is needed, but you can style your hair using hair pins or other accessories.

If you already have natural straight hair but wants back your straight hair after curl or you have natural curl hair but wanted to have straighter hair, I would suggest you to use this product:
Herbal Essences dangerously straight shampoo and conditioner.
(note: Watson has HE promotion some times. It's far cheaper than RM16.90 in most super-mart ^ ^)

The is how my hair looks like after a wash from the curled hair shown in 1st photo.
You may claim that I have a natural straight hair so whatever shampoo and conditioner I use, I will still get back a straight hair since I didn't do a permanent curl.

However, it's not totally true. I may have a straight hair but not at the end. This product has proven to straighten hair even at the split ends, just like my photo above. Another friend of mine that are using it which has natural curly hair claim that his hair become straighter.

Note: This is not an advertorial and I am sharing my knowledge base on my experience. Comment and critics are always welcome ^ ^


  1. Hey, you look good in both curls and straight hair :D Thanks for sharing, I'm not good in curling my own hair..

  2. looking good gal! looking forward to seeing you all dolled up again in one of the upcoming events!