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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ysquare Photoblog 13: What is this myterious bicycle like symbol?

mysterious bicycle like symbol in Penang
I found this symbol for the first time when I was prepared to start my intern 3 weeks back when I over night in Penang.
Name me jakun or what, but I really have no idea what this symbol is.
Is this the bicycle lane? Can't the car use this lane? But it's only 1 lane?! If car can use the lane, why does it paint this symbol on the road? Does it mean car have to drive as slow as a bicycle?

Enlighten me please?


  1. Lol, i have no idea too! >< I guess its something like a bicycle lane or something. Wahaha

  2. Interesting. Haha.. I think it should be a lane specially for bicycles.

  3. I share the exact sentiments as Issac, it is probably a bicycle lane.