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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ysquare Photoblog 12: Non workoholic's late dinner

Today is my 3rd day in my intern company. Haven't assign to any serius things yet But I already live like a workaholic -___-
When out from home 6.30am in the morning so that I take take shutter bus from Kulim Campus to Penang Campus for a after lunch meeting. After that went out from office at 3.00, tour around and reach shutter station at 4pm.The next shutter suppose to be 5.12 but delay to 5.30pm. So, waited for 1.5 hours for the shutter. After that, jam all the way from Kastam Bayan Lepas (note: not from Penang campus, which is further in) to the bridge took 1.5 hours, where no jam only took +/- 5 min.

Whole journey from waiting shutter + taking shutter+ jam + driving home = 5 hours

Dinner (from left to right) Monday orange, Wednesday plum, Tuesday apple
(all are leftover complimentary/free food from cafe)

Reach home at 9 just now, and got my dinner at 10.
I have not started assignment/project already work like a workaholic.
I can't imagine how me this workaholic will behave when I got my project rolling


  1. Tough day~ Teehee!! See, I think studying life is better.. Haha!! Gambateh kay?? ^u^

    Take care.