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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Notice of Holiday

FYI, the author will have a Holiday start from today till Monday 27/12/2010 for Christmas celebration. Hence, no 2 day per post update. The update will depends on the author's mood. If her schedule is less pack, she might do some schedule post, else there will be no post until 27/12.

If you feel bored and need to have some reading material, please process to "Hottest here section". The author also suggest you Pet label i.e. especially on Red Tomato Pets Fun Day because this is one of her Christmas Celebration last year.

As a token of appreciation of your continual supposrt, the author promise to blog about:
(1) Purple Cane
(2) Anders Byo
(3) Comic Feasta 2010
(4) Jogoya dinner
(5) Tao lunch
(6) Nokia Ovi apps

Till then, C ya!

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