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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FML: I need a emo space for myself

On the day before yesterday, when I wanna take out some old books to read from my book shelves at night due to head ache( migraine), I found out that my book shelve is full of white ant.
I was very sad, I really cry that time. You may label me as drama queen or emotional, but you have to know those books are my favorites. When I was younger, my parents don't let me read any books I want. They force me to have full concentration on my text book. Later on,without their notice, I become a librarian (my teacher wants me to be prefect, but they insist I can't do that), because that can make me eligible to borrow more books. I love books so much that I sometimes borrow books and read it at night on my bed. I swift off light, pretend that I have slept (maybe that's why I have thick glasses now). later, when they discover I read book instead of sleeping, they gave me a good nice whack.
That doesn't makes me hate book. My passion towards books burns. I continue to become a librarian when I was in secondary school, that eventually leads me to jackie. I spend most of my pocket money on reference book and the remaining to books I like to read, fiction stands the major.
When I was accepted to study in Melaka, I can't bring all of them with me. Thus, I have to left them in the selves, the place that it belong.
And what now, they are all destroy by white ants.
I am not blaming anyone for my lost. I am just sad and frustrated. Not only I can't protect my pup (my son, I called) when I am not in KL, I can't preserve a lifeless thing, not to mention something formless.
I spend most of my time in Melaka.
But from their point of view(Melaka people), I am an outsider.
So, I don't belong to any where, I don't own anything.

I wrote all this not because I want a sense of pity-full comment in my blog, I just wanna express my felling towards my life. I used to write poems. I can't remember the last time I wrote poem.

If you insist to see what happen to me, scroll down:




I hope you are not vomiting or try to vomit just now.


  1. Sad to hear that. a suggestion, store your books in the plastic box ( you can get them easily from jusco or other hypermarket).