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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tony Roma's Rib, Seafood, Steak (review)

Was introduce to this restaurant by Jackieloi (yeah, him again -__-)
Tony Roma's Menu
Basically, the menu is very thin, things in this thin menu is cramped in a way that it's confusing and hard to understand @.@

Tony Roma's beverage menu
I didn't flip through this menu, I just stick to my favorite i.e. ice lemon tea *^ ^*

Garlic bread spread from Tony Roma
The appetizer *i guess @.@, not sure it's paid or not*

The bread is rather hard, took a great effort to cut it into slides. However, the garlic butter spread is great. There are some spices too! It's so good although I can't identify what herbs they were using in the spread.

Now, the star of the nigh, the main course:

Grill code fish with kickin' sos and 2 side dish from Tony Roma
Grill Cod Fish with Kickin' sos and 2 side dish.

There are 2 fish to be choose: Salmon and Cod
4 way to cook
( I couldn't recall, grill is one of em)
5 sos
to be choose (I didn't count)
2 side dish
, just to name a few choices, mix vege (above), mash potaoes (above), bake potato, rice, french fries, coleslaw etc. (actually, that's what I remember ^^|||)

Firstly, the grill cod is so juicy! It was fresh ( not fresh like just caught from atlantic) and not over cook, so the fish oil is well preserve in the fish plus some left over on the plate *tempted to lick it off*. And the fish oil is a very good sos for the mix vegetable and mash potatoes too! ^ ^

Not to mention the kinkin' sos. It is very hot(heat/spicy) if consume just like that, but when you have the cod fish with kinkin' sos, it's totally indescribable! The sos enhance the cod fish flavor without covering its original flavour and soft texture.

For the mix vegetable, it's just so so, but the fish oil and extra sos from the cod fish enhance the flavor of those veges.
And for mash potatoes, I have taste better mash potatoes in my life, no extra credit, but it's not bad too.

Was really happy with my meal. Was really stuff.

For my partner, he ordered:
Chicken breast with 2 side dish from Tony Roma
Chicken breast with rosemary sos and 2 side dish

There were also few ways to prepare the chicken breast and few sos in the list, but I didn't bother to read, so really can't tell.

I tried a small piece of the chicken breast, it is very hard to chew. Might due to overcook. The meat lost its juice and appear to be very dry.

However, the rosemary sos and *something* is very good. A bit sweet and appetizing just nice in the way it is.

For the side dish, not much to comment on the fries. Jloi says that the rice is a bit oily but still acceptable.

Ice lemon tea
And for drinks, both of ordered Ice lemon tea. No addition comment. Hope it will be full glass the next time I visit it.

Overall: 9/10 (it'll be a 10/10 if its less expensive)
Taste bud indulgence: 15/10 (it'll bring you strigh to heaven, literally^ ^)
Purse saver: 6/10 (it's price is up to its standard but I think not much people willing to spend extra to get these exquisite food, maybe in some occasions or once in a while then it'll be fine.)


  1. I LOVE Tony Roma! One of the place that serves good steaks :D

  2. TONY ROMA! alot of my friends say is dam nice! haha =)

  3. Haha.. I'd my Tony Romas also. =]

    Quite big portion also right? I love it too..

  4. @Chuen agree!!!!
    @kian Fai yeah, it's damn nice. But after trying it, you might be damn broke, just like me.
    @Bendan, yeah, I saw your post too the other day. Yeah massive indeed.

  5. no worries, I think I know how u felt, I broke dam many times also XD =)

    work Hard!!!

  6. Yeahh. I like tony romas too but too bad cant eat there too often ):

  7. interesting. though doesn't look like I can afford it anytime soon

  8. Ah i love the non halal version^^ Chicago in gurney plaza! same company but delish pork ribs^^