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Monday, December 6, 2010

Inniters Jagoya gathering turns out to become a Michelangelo food indulge experience.

Coutesy to Sim Yee (Xing90) to organise a gathering on behalf of supia(supiachao), we decided to have a Jogoya lunch at Starthill Kuala Lumpur on 6th of december 2010.
However due to bloggers didn't comfirm our attendance, we were rejected by Jogoya since they have full house for the whole day. Thurs, we turn out to have lunch at Michelangelo,Pavillion.
These are some photos of our exquisite meal:

And most important, the attendance of the gathering,

Sim Yee(aka xing90) and me

Supia(aka supiaciao) is so cute

Jess(aka Imthejessicat). We are the red devil.

Bern(aka Greeteabern) and me

Vincent (aka vincent'sphilosophy) the shy guy

What? the picture can't load?

Yeah, forgot to tell you in advance, I forgot to take photos with the bloggers T3T
What a blur person I am.
I am going back to Melaka end of this month. I guess this is the only gathering I can go since the the Thursday Jogoya dinner is cancel again.


  1. Yeah can only see the food pictures :) Glad you guys had fun.

  2. y i can't see the photos of u and the other bloggers? :(

  3. LOL~ i really thought that your pics are collapse so that they dont came out. XP

    Nice day huh? Sigh~ working day for me.

  4. srsly no picture huh? no wonder i clicked right click can't reload image haha :p anyways, nice looking food! how is the price?

  5. @alvin @Simon @bendan ^ ^
    @Hilda, yeah quite expensive, and it's all in French~~~ Lol next time I will bring them to Japanese restaurant and show off my Nihongo *muahahahhaha*

  6. I was wondering why there was no pictures until I read the post in full. Why didn't you guys take any photos?

  7. @Darran I have no idea~~~ I was the only 1 who took pictures~~~

  8. lol...i refreshed the page twice before reading the last paragraph xD

  9. wat man!!?! i refresh refresh yr page!!! later did i know u actually dint upload the pcitures! haha

  10. exquisite gathering u guys have ^^

  11. is there any photos of the bloggers?? =.= i read the comment above just knew that there's no photos.

  12. LOL The shy guy eh.. XD You're gonna re-evaluate this status at our next outing, I shall bombard you with never-ending conversations until you cry. XD

  13. @chuen @xin @k~^|n gotcha!
    @msxeroz ^ ^
    @vincent *put horse come here* i.e. 放马过来