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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Craving Kitchen and Bistro

Craving Kitchen and Bistro
It's very embarassing that I never try their piece of taste before.
Not that I am not familiar with their name,
I didn't even heard of the name before *>.<*

Craving Kitchen and Bistro
Not sure this is the Sunway Giza outlet that I went, but they look very much the same.

Throw away the menu book, this is interesting!
Craving Kitchen and Bistro Men and Women's night
Other than the ladies day/night were introduce in most restaurant, cinema, club etc., they have Gentleman day too!

So, according to my handsome "Caucasian" travel mate, this is their signature dish:

20 inch monster burger from Craving Kitchen and Bistro
Looks like it's gonna fall off any minute!!!

Craving Kitchen and Bistro's 12 inch monster burger
Well I don't really mind to have a tall or short burger, but since you say it's 12 inch, then don't cheat lah.
The height is build up mostly by cucumbers and tomatoes.
(The burger shown above is only for illustration purposes, it doesn't really looks like that XD)

I'll try to recall: In the burger, it has 2 harsh brown, 1 egg, 2 slice of cheese, 3 pieces of ham(not sure what meet is it, might be 1 chicken and 2 beef. Beef is elective, maybe replaceable with other items), 1fish paste fillet, 1 beef patty, 1 Terriyaki chicken (according to Loi), 2 pieces of bread (i.e. burger bun) and uncountable amount of cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuces...

I am quite sure that I am stuffed, but I really don't know about him, since we share the dish.
And for our drinks:
Earl Grey Tea from Craving Kitchen and Bistro
Earl Grey Tea

Lemonade from Craving Kitchen and Bistro
If you want to know more, you can:
(1) Check out their facebook page at:
(2) Check out my travel mate, JackieLoi's review at:
(3) Google it lah~~~ need me to remind you everytime meh -__-

Overall: 6/10 (its nothing special, just the way they present the burger is unique)
Taste bud indulgence:
5/10 (nothing special about this burger, but still, up to its standard)
Purse saver:
6/10 (its a bit over prise)

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