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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

6th Blog Day: My fav blog o^_^o

I would really wanna say my favourite is my crappy blog but the fact: it's not. I am still very poor in maintaining a blog T_T
Since tomorrow is the blog day cum Hari Raya cum Merdeka day(post Holiday XP), I would like to share some of my favorite blog for you to read in this holiday.
But T_T please come back to mine again, k?
The 1st blog that I want to introduce is the blog that I check most often. It's by Ringo Tan in Cheeserland at URL

Ringo travels a lot and has a strong sense of fashions. I like to see her photo during her travel. Although she might not describe it perfectly but her experience give me a lot of satisfaction because those are the places that I am not able to travel. She get a lot sponsors for clothes, accessories, makeup etc. She used to do some fashion tutorial but her recent post are more to showing off the cloth rather than sharing them =.=

Another blog that I like to check out is Bubz in Bubzbeauty (making life bubbiful) at URL
I start to know this girl after watching her tutorial in Youtube. She is more to a vlongger instead of blogger. She did a lot of video including, nail, makeup, clothes fashion, encouragement, lifestyle etc. She has detail explanation on everything she introduce either by image(video) or words(blog). Frankly, I am not comparing or condemning, just that I think Bubz is more mature and more careful when voicing her opinion to certain matter and do not offences any party.

WongFu Production
The 3rd would be Wong Fu Production at URL: . Like bubz, I know these guys from youtube. They (Ted Fu, Wesley Chan and Philip Wang) are producers. They posted a lot videos in youtube, some of'em are viral, like this one: Strangers, again.

However, my favorite piece would be Just A Nice Guy series.

(more can be found in Youtube)
Other than the masterpieces, they also post up their private life series, which is Wong Fu weekends. It shows how these young people spend their weekends.
WongFu Production blog
However, the version in youtube is not the complete one. You have to visit their blog to view the extended version of Wong Fu weekends.
Wan Wan
This is the only comic blog and Chinese blog that I want to introduce in this blog post. The author is a girl name Wan Wan (弯弯) blog at domain: She blogs a bout her self-called "stupid" daily life. Now, she is no more merely a blogger but also author for a few comic books and an new actor that plays a minor part in one of a latest Taiwanese movie.
Other than that, she draws a lot of emoticons too. Most of the emoticon I used in this blog is also her work too!PhotobucketPhotobucket

Most photography fans might know this blog too. It's Digital Rev at domain: I can't say I am a fans of photography but ever since I found out this place, I falls in love to photography. All those review and tutorial is like osmosis that continually poisons me!
DRTV blog
Currently, DRTV is running the Internet Most Talented Photographer Challenge. I learn a lot by just watching the series. I think everyone that would like to learn photographer give'em a look. The Asian host with strong Brithish will definately entertain you with all his "stunts" *wink wink*

Last but not least, Jackie Loi from Actually, I know this guy (yeah, he is a guy with girl name that deny he has a girl's name =.=) in real life and I know him for quit some time already. He is a Malaysian life-style blogger that attend lots of events and do review for various product such as food, movie, tech etc. I like his movie review. Some times when I am not sure whether I should watch a certain movie, I would read his review, then only decide whther to watch or not.
On the other hand, he is also an animator which just graduated. His work (final year project) will be show in a gallery in The Gardens on 7th and 8th Sept.

So, these are the blogs that I like most (not in sequence). How about yours?


  1. wah. nice blog mate. i wish mine also be there hehehe

  2. that all great blog.. blog not yet

  3. Something new and something old to re read =P

  4. I Love WangFu productions. They come up with amazing videos all the time, suspense to the max. One of my favourite videos of theirs is of course Strangers Again :).

  5. @henry Tan You're welsome! ^ ^
    @Thristhan *High Five*

  6. now only i noticed bubzbeauty got blog LOL! i usually go to her youtube channel

  7. blog is dam cool loh hehe :P

  8. I like DigitalRev's blog as well. :D