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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens Movie Review

Coutesy to NUffnangMY and Churpchurp, I was invited to watch Cowboys and Aliens in TGV KLCC some time ago. 

Staring by Daniel Craig as the main character i.e. hero of the story.

Like what you see in the tittle, the story is about Cowboys vs Aliens.

I like nothing much about the story. Although I like science fiction, but it basically have NO SCIENCE in it =.=. Probably its not science fiction but the story is unreasonable too. I don't mean alien doesn't exist or cowboy can't fight against alien or things like that. What I am trying to say is the the scriptwriter have to do more on telling a smooth storyline. There are many unanswered chunkof the story just covered like that. Although ppl around me told me it's so-so but I am gonna be cruel and give it a bad 5/10 for story.

Sorry to say, but I would rather watch FreddieW's version:

Overall: 6.5/10 (The label "from the director of Iron Man Jon Favreau" is allowing ppl to give high expectation to the movie but it end up disappointed =( this sucks!)
3D/CG effect: 9/10 (the effect are pretty well done. I am not fussy about effects but it is really above average)
Story: 5/10 (the story telling skill should be enhance, thumbs down)
Cast: 8/10 (Found some star in casting the movie, but the problem with Daniel Craig is that he is stick to it's chracter too much (James Bond) that it has problem too shine in other characters)