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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spaghetti Grill, Mid Valley branch (review)

Head down to Mid Valley last weekend for some event and shopping. For your information, I am totally broke now =( after I finish my internship with my previous company =( so I am saving every penny that I can everything I hang out. Luckily, I was introduce to Spaghetti Grill lunch and dinner set.
Spaghetti Grill Midvalley branch
Located same row with Brotzeit, Delicious and Police station, Spaghetti Grill has a catchy green sign board that you'll never miss.

Spaghetti Grill table setting
Spaghetti Grill Table Setting

Lunch set is RM9.95 from 11am to 9pm, including beverage and choice of main course
Dinner set is RM16.95 from 5pm to 11pm, including beverage, main course, soup of the day and dessert.

Main course choices includes:
Calzone, Curry Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Spicy Dory Pizza, Vegetarian Pizza, Margherita Pizza,
Aglio E Olio, Curry Pasta,Seafood Pasta, Pepper Corn Pasta, Chicken Bolognese, Spaghetti Marinara, Spaghetti & Meatballs, 
Dory Salad, Fried Chicken Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, 
Fish & Chips, Fried Chicken Strips, Chicken Panini, Spicy Dory Panini

Beverages includes:
Tea, Coffee, Sprite, Iced Lemon tea, F&N orange, Coca cola, Coca cola light, Sarsi, 100Plus.

Spaghetti Grill Curry Pizza
This is Curry Pizza. As you can see, it has no other topping except curry and cheese. Though it is similar to cheese naan but can't deny it's not bad

Spaghetti Grill Fried chicken strips
Fried Chicken Strip (more like a chicken nugget tempura style for me LOL) The portion is obviously larger than Curry Pizza above.The nuggets is crispy but the filling (chicken breast) is quite dry. Prefer it to have some more liquidly sauce rather than just mayonaise. The chips are really good though, above average.

Overall: 9/10 (Cheap and above average food in a higher standard place.)

Taste bud indulgence: 8/10 (Not really exquisite but quite decent.)

Purse saver: 10/10 (I never see such cheap lunch set in K.L area not to mention in Mid Valley itself! However, don't compare it with outskirts places or non set meal.)

Atmosphere: 9/10 (I went there during Ramandhan, it was quiet and I like it =) )