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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Rise of Planet of The Ape Movie (review)

WTF~ Why so many "the" and "of" in the tittle one? =.= Makes me confuse the name all the time~
Like you see in the poster, the main character is an ape. His name is Ceaser. Ceaser was the only survivor from the lab incident where his mother was blame for being aggressive rather than protective towards her new born baby, hence all ape in the lab was execute.

Luckily, the Dr. who incharge of the project, Will Rodman staring by James Franco decided to keep Ceaser with him.

This is how Ceaser looks like when he first came how with Will. I it reminds me alot of Choco, my monkey shaped soft toy aka my sleeping partner ^ ^

Well, not as cute as Ceaser but sort of ~Photobucket

Back to the story. Will is evolve in the research to find a portion to cure Alzheimer diseases becuase his father is suffering Alzheimer. After the incident of aggressiveness shown in experiment ape, the under test medical research has to be cancel. Other than Ceaser, Will also took back some under testing medicine that should be dispose. He injected the medicine on his father and miracally, his father cured from Alzheimer.

During the period when Ceaser grow up, his bond with Will's father is very strong. When Will's father medicine has worn out and suffering Alzheimer again, bonds within him and Ceaser are strongly build. When Will's father encounter trouble due to Alzheimer and Ceaser tried to help, Ceaser hurt their neighbour non intensionly.

Hence, Ceaser were send to the animal center due to the charge of hurting human being.

He later found out there are more apes are badly treaten or maybe worse than him. He wanted to free all these apes but 1 ape is weak, together thry are strong.
Hence Ceaser go back to Will house and stole the medicine(which is a stronger and more aggressive version of Alzheimer healer) then release it to all the apes in the animal center. He then free more apes from the lab and zoo, leading them to cross the bridge to the other side i.e the wood.

What I was impressed/shock is that when Ceaser grow up, he become more smart until a point, he can event speak. This is the post where he said "Wait!"

Overall, I like the story a lot. I like how the script insert so many moral value in it but not hard selling it. I encourage you to bring along the kid to watch it.

1 of the scene: The ape from lab revenge on the business who use it has a white mice with no respect.

Overall: 9/10 (Maybe my mood was good or maybe I am bias coz I like monkies, toy monkies but I do think it is worth watching ^ ^)
3D/CG effect: 9/10 (The modelling, texturing, animation etc of the apes are fantastic, every apes are different. Not much effect but every 3D model are surreal)
Story: 10/10 (The is what I call educated and entertaining at the same time, thumbs up!)
Cast: 8/10 (I am not fancy bout the stars but the voice are pretty well impersonated.)