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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Philea Resort and Spa, Ayer Keroh Melaka.

Philea Resort and Spa logo
I beg you never heard the namePhotobucket

Philea Resort and Spa entrance
Or see this place before.Photobucket

But, it might be just the most mesmerizing travel experience in your life.

Philea Resort and Spa Map
Located less than 2 minutes of driving distance, or I should say just next to the Ayer Keroh Toll,
(hey, 5 minutes driving distance from my campus yo!)

Prime Minister was here.
It is the latest new resort in Melaka, launched by current Prime Minister, Y.A.B Datuk Seri Utama Mohd Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak on 19 Jun 2010.

Philea Resort and Spa tariff rate
The Resort consists of 3 types of rooms, which is:

Royal villa
Royal Villa (bunglo style :P but has only 2 unit)

Philea suite
Philea suite (non detached town house?)

Pavillion villa
and Pavilion villa (apartment style)

Unfortunately, I couldn't go in to see it's internal. However, from it external design, I don't need to convince you that I like it very much.

A lil bit of Japanese Zen, a bit of cow-boyish wildness, a lil bit of stone-age roughness and all of the lil bit here and there mix and match to become a very unique Philea-ish taste.

Philea Resort consist of a large area in Ayer Keroh, offering a Xanadu like stay.

It's so peacefull that you wouldn't feel any paparazzi is following you
(:P miss leading)

Royal villa's external



It's so beautiful that I don't feel like leaving, but there is just one problem that hurts mePhotobucket:

Media Familiarization Tour: 15-17 Oct 2010

Hey, why wasn't I been invited?Photobucket

*for more information you can visit there web site at:


  1. The hell? You've never even stayed there? Why did you post on Trip Advisor then? Just getting hits to your blog? Congratulations on your successful tactic!

  2. Dear Anonymous, Chill dear. Did I ever said that I overnight? It's my bad if I annoys you, but at least give me a chance to know why you should tell me why are you so mad?