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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sorting using C++ in both ascending and descending order

When I am doing a home work research on this topic, I found very little help from the net and all scatted around. So, I wanna publish it to share with you guys.
There are 4 sorting technique I wanna discuss here. Note that, I get the information from the internet and then compile it.

Bubble sort:

bublle sort

Bubble sort coding

Selection sort:
Selection sort


Insertion sort:
Insertion sort

Insertion sort coding

Quick sort:
Quick sort

Quick sort coding

Because I had an assignment/experiment to complete a C++ coding with the output as below, that is why I started to search all these thing.

You can download the coding from here
and the experiment report here
It will be extremely beneficial to my junior (I guess so) and for those for wants a one stop information for sort using C++.


  1. It is a subject when BENC year 2???

  2. Yeah, Data Structure, year 3 subject.
    Aiya, paiseh lah sifu, if got anything wrong, please let me know ya.