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Saturday, October 30, 2010

My single diary

It's has been a week. Well, not really counting it but yeah, its so eay to remember plus it's a wild week. I have 2 quiz, and 1 test on the same day. Communication principle test, dean list award, Electromagnetic test etc.

This is how my mood within this week.

Well, these all are just about my relationship, not including college life, studies, friends, etc.
Now I am all ok ( I hope so).
Take up some blogger's advise to list down, organize and settle down, this is my to do list for my exam period. Hope can pull through it.

To do list:

Drop 5 kgs--> 55 kg
-sit up 20x2 times perday.
-complete 2 sets of rehab everyday
-Only simple dinner (oats)
-take up swimming again, 2 times per week after the final.
Complete data structure assignment
-try out lect’s list coding
-research on the topic
-start it on Sunday, due it on at least Wednesday
-Taman seribu bunga
-Dean list award
-Day out at the end of semester
-Pak Putra
-Bee farm
-Taman mini Asia dan Malaysia
-Taman Botanikal
-Taman Rama-rama
Study EMT
-complete notes
-complete exercise in reference book
-complete tutorial
-complete take home quiz
Renew road tax for Sisi
Check carry mark with lect
Going to Arena again?
Makes myself busy and totally forget about Jackie
Ask some friends out for gathering when back to KL
-Bell, Cherry, Choo choo, Veniger, Karen
-Hew, vampire, Lun, terry, Weng Yi, kent, pn chew?

Addition for the post.
OMG! Katy Perry become so pretty recently! Must be because of her marriage is coming soon.
Well, an unrelated song, Teenage Dream, was waiting for it's MTV for quite some time.

Congrats Katy.

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