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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Worthy Book: Xia Mian Guan

P1100673 copy
This is not a food review, but I did tempted to do so. I am here sharing yet another nifty dinning idea. Either you are looking for new dining idea or you are taking some steps to cut down on your food expenditure, this is a very good option for you. Introducing Worthy Book: FnB Edition.
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Like the front page mentioned, it has more than 180 vouchers for you to choose from. You can either order it online from their website or you can get it from some major book store (like Popular, MPH, times, Borders, Kinokuniya etc.) for the mere price of RM 29.90.
P1100669 copy
My first attempt is Xia Mian Gun at Sunway Pyramid.
There are total of 4 coupons.
2 X RM 25 cash voucher with minimum purchase of RM 100
2 X Buy one free one on all Noodles choices

P1100670 copy
Note that there are some terms and condition applied to the coupon use.

I bring along a friend and we use the Buy one free one on all Noodles choices on top of another main and side dish

P1100675 copy
香片茶 - Jasmin Tea (RM 2 per pax)

P1100688 copy
狮子头面 - "Lion Head" Noodles (RM 20)
狮子头 or direct translate to "Lion Head" is a meat ball. Not your ordinary meatball, a huge @&& meatball. I was anticipating it but it let me down again. The soup was merely MSG. The meatball is tasteless ball of carbs. I am not even sure there are actually more than 30% of meat in there =.=

P1100706 copy
牛肉汤面 - Beef Noodle (RM 18)
At least the soup is a bit more flavorful with some pepper and spices. Not terrible, but not awesome as well.

P1100705 copy
猪八戒炒饭 - Pork Fried Rice (RM 18)
This is not a part of the coupon, we just order because it looks delicious. It did. Not sure it's because our expectation is lower after the noodle experience or it's cheese fragrance really lure my bias. It's probably both. I do recommend.

P1100697 copy
南乳猪肉 - Fermented Bean Fried Pork Cutlets (RM 12)
The fats are soft but the lean are hard. It's very crispy on the outside, but greasy feeling is too much to take if you gonna chump down a big plate.

P1100711 copy
Like I said, we used the Buy one free one on all Noodles choices, where lower price of the 2 noodle is 100% off.

I manage to save RM 18 this time.

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