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Monday, February 16, 2015

Post Script Restaurant 又及餐厅

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Other than Middle 8th (中8楼), the same street has a few more restaurant which looking interesting and crowded all the time. PostScript is another restaurant my colleague bring us to after our business meeting. The ambiance is more modern and less ethnicity element in it. It's said to be a canton style cuisine. Clear chicken soup, douchi (tempeh) and eggplant sound very much like what my family eat at home. I am not sure my colleague take me here because he likes it here or remember than I am from a Canton family. For all you have to know, the last time I was in Thailand for work, he was there as well for another project. He was surprise I can speak Chinese. After a bit chat, I know he studied in a University in Guangdong which is my grandparent's hometown, before they came to Malaysia and one things leads to another and we kindda click.

Address: 15 Zhongguancun Ave. (At 中关村广场步行街), Beijing, Beijing, 100080, China
海淀区 中关村大街15号(近家乐福)
Phone: 010-51721685

Back to the food,
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Boiled beef 水煮牛肉 (RMB 56 ~RM 32) 
If you have read my blog for a while now, you probably know that I don't like beef. It's not so much like I hate beef, it's more like I don't like the way Malaysia prepare beef. It got so irritated by the dry stick like texture of those overcooked beef rendang (though I do enjoy the spices, rendang chicken is fine for me). On the day before, I tried roast veal in Middle8th. It was super awesome and so I can't wait to try it out. It was not as good as I expecting it to be. From its presentation, I thought it will be hot, very spicy, chili oil, burnt tongue. However, the spiciness goes very mild. My colleague keep warm me that it's very spicy... neh.. I think Northern Chinese just can't take spiciness very well. The texture is very good though.

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Egg plant 茄子
This is not the signature dish here, but it gives me feeling of home. Fried egg plant doesn't taste bitter at all. The soft texture compliment the slightly sweet and salty sauce. If you are not a big fan of egg plant, I suggest you take it.

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Douchi Catfish 豆豉回鱼 (RMB 42 ~RM 24)
This is not a combination I see often. Mom and grandma usually steam catfish in soy sauce instead. Possibly cos my dad hate tempeh or douchi. I personally like douchi a lot, the salted one goes great with porridge, will the unsalted one taste amazing frying. I only had 1 piece of the dish, most probably cos my colleague finish it before I notice XP. It's a signature must try dish here.

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Nothing special here. Just a plain o' fry greens, with shrimps!

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Clean with black chicken (首乌乌鸡). Not sure you have this in your country, but there is a kind of roaster that is totally black, black feater, back beak, back skin and dark grey flesh. This is up to standard, but I believe it can be better.

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蜂蜜厚多 (RMB 28 ~RM 16)
This is my favorite thing in the restaurant. No matter how full you are, you MUST order, even just one bite, you will burst out of happiness. It's not that I never have white toast with honey and vanilla ice-cream. The combination is beyond expectation. The white bread it extremely soft and bouncy, The honey doesn't soak the bread nor cover the vanilla taste from the ice-cream. The outer shell is taste, only the one inside are good.

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