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Friday, February 20, 2015

The Summer Palace, BeiJing, 颐和园

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The only touristy place I manage to visit on my stay in BeiJing is here, The Summer Palace. 颐和园 pronounce Yíhéyuán

It is only 15 mins driving distance from Haidian district i.e the electronic district.
Ticket price depends on season and package, ranging from RMB 20 - RMB 60.
Opening hours is 7 am to 5 pm depends on seasons.
Their official website provide suggested route and estimate completion time.
You can even hire a tour guide on site, price is negotiable.

Other than The Summer Palace, the Old Summer Palace or The Imperial Garden (圆明园) is also not too far away. I was told by my colleague that the Imperial Garden's garden, deco and structures are very much damaged, mostly vandalized. So, if we are only have a short trip and only visit 1 place, it would be the Summer Palace instead. Of course, if you have some free time on hand, do visit both and let me know what you think.

Although my grandparents are Chinese, I know nothing about China's history a part of what I learn from Drama and TV series. My tour guide try to explain to me quite a few interesting monument, buildings and artifact.
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There is a gallery
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 along the lake.
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The canopy is like an art gallery. Every pillar has a different drawing. Some symbolism an idiom, some are fairy tales, some are just scenery.

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IMAG5615 copy
This is the drawing about the Chinese Valentine, which is 7th day of the 7th month in Lunar calendar.

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During my visit, there is a Calligraphy master that was doing his demo and exhibition in one of the courtyard.

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He offer to his calligraphy and drawings with a fix price. You are also allow to take picture with him as well. My tour guide told me he is famous... no comment....

At the other entrance of the park is a river like street which copy the scenery of  SuZhou (苏州)
IMAG5637 copy
I'm gonna admit. It's disappointing.

IMAG5640 copy

As for the other, I have really no idea what it is, what it symbolism and what is the history significant of it.

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So, after reading my experience, do you still think you wanna visit the Summer Palace?

For the rest of my trip in BeiJing, you can navigate using this list.

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