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Friday, February 6, 2015

Gu Jun Shi Fu, 古晋食府 [Food Review]

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By the time u landed here, I am sure you have this confusion where this Kuching restaurant is? No, it's not relating to cats, it's not related to the city Kuching and in fact, it's not even in Malaysia. This is another restaurant my colleague brought me to, which is just opposite to the hotel I stayed. It serves Shanxi (陕西) style cuisine which is my colleague's home town. The interior is awesome!

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When I search on web, the address is like above
Address: 海淀区 科学院南路14号(近知春路)
Phone: 010-62578413 010-62578414

But I clearly remember the restaurant is here here, oppsosite to the Braised Pork in Brown sauce. Whichever it is, it's very near to Crown Plaza Hotel.

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炖猪蹄 (RMB 36)
Braised trotters seems to be the popular among the netizen in China. I am not particularly found of it, but at the same time I do not hate it. I personally like trotters a lot but this trotters do not standout as much. It's more like teething baby gnawing the last bit of skin around the chewing toy (bone). It as not much meat that's all I am sa

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面筋 (RMB 16)
This is the food that you white people afraid of. It's literally translate to "Gluten" in English. As you can see, there are cubes of gluten, noodle,  shredded cucumber, bean sprout toasted peanut and sesame seeds, chili oil, and sesame paste. Yes, the brown color thing that looks like diarrhea sh!t is actually quite flavorful.  According to my colleague these gluten is not made from wheat, but soy beans. It served cold. I missed this dish a lot, I am looking for similar noodles here in Malaysia and can't find one yet. If you happen to bump into some decent cold noodles, let me know!

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葱烧苔蘑 (RMB 69)
The is the name and price I  got from the net. I am not even sure if this is the real name but the price seems way off than what simple saute mushroom with leak dish would cost. I don't have ANY memory of this dish...when I look into my photo collection, I was like... what... do I even eat this before? haha.. so my advise is that not a memorable flavour on the menu, probably can skip it.

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I can't find this dish in their website or net, I guess it's not their signature or popular dish. I don't remember it's price as well. These dumpling looks so nice, smells so good but sill gave me disappointment. The meat is very chewy and bouncy, not much juice. The usual gyoza, Gaozhi, maandu or whatever dumpling I am familiar with, either Malaysia, Korean or Japanese style, they have veggies in it. Without veggies, these dumplings' texture are just plain rubbery.

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Thick soup. The soup in Northern China is also very different with what I am used to. I am from a Canto family which is in the southern region of China. Our soup do not have starch in it. This is not the clean clear soup that is only flavored by the ingredient. A bit upset but I understand that's the different between different region in China where we have different liking and culture.

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LOL this is the another dish that I have very little memory of. It's sort of a cold cut of beef (I think)

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