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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Worthy Book: Milkshake Factory

Other than Xia Mian Guan, I also tried Milkshake Factory in Nu Sentral the other day. If it isn't for worthy book, I wouldn't notice there is this place selling milkshake beside the cinema and wouldn't know how wonderful it is.
There 4 coupon offer by Milkshake Factory in Worthy book is
2 x Purchase any fruit shake and get a smoothie for free
2 x 25% OFF any shake 

IMG_20150124_131013 copy
So, I used the buy one free one coupon.

IMG_20150124_131430 copy
However, they did not have smoothies that day :( so instead of smoothies, the owner offer us buy one shake, free one shake instead.
We had Nutella milk shake (left) and banana milk shake (right). Both are great, but I are prefer Nutella more :)

IMG_20150124_131039 copy
I have no idea whether the owner knows I am a blogger or not, but he gave us a few more coupons and a privilege card. Cool!

The free smoothies is price around RM 11 to RM 12.
Let say I save another RM 11 this time, so the total money I save using Worthy Book is (RM 12 + RM 18) RM 30, which is the price of this coupon AND I have only spend 2 couple, there are hundred more in the book. Double success!

Anyone wants some milk shake on this CNY? Jom?!

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