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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Middle8th, 中8楼 [Food Review]

My first meal in BeiJing aside of breakfast buffet in hotel is this, Middle8th. It is Yun Nam (云南) cuisine restaurant that has 3 branch in BeiJing (2 more coming up soon, one of em will be in ShangHai).
I absolutely love this place. It has great food, great environment. The ambient is slightly dim but that just create more romantic vibes. It's a bit awkward to go there with my BeiJing support colleague.
Since my time in BeiJing is very short, I haven't try enough things to label this restaurant as a must try, but if you happen to be shopping electronics item in ZhongGuanCun and stumble upon this restaurant, I would say give it a shot!

photo credit to lyshixi6

Address: 海淀区 中关村广场步行街R17号
Phone: 010-51721728 010-51721729
Operating hours:
Monday - Thursday : 11.30 am - 2.00 pm (lunch) 5.00 pm - 9.00 pm (dinner)
Friday - Saturday : 11.30 am - 9.30 pm
Sunday : 11.30 am - 9.00 pm

IMAG5545 copy
烤小牛肉 (RMB 58 ~RM 33)
My most recommeded dish here is this, roast veal.It's so succulent. Oh my, I never tasted something similiar back in Malaysia. The beef is almost well done, but it's still tender. It's awesome with or w/o the tomato sauce. Yes, this words come out from a non beef lover.

IMAG5541 copy
中8牌玖蘑菇 (RMB 38 ~RM 21)
Signature mushroom. I couldn't quite figure out what type of mushroom is use here. I didn't expect it to be so tough on my first bite. I struggle quite a bit before I stuff the whole piece into my mouth. I would stress that its flavor is quite nicely done. I suspect they fried it before mixing it with the sauce, that's why the sides are tougher. If I am back again, I would definitely order it again.

IMAG5542 copy
过桥米线 (RMB 25 ~RM 14)
This is my second attempt having bridge noodle. The first was in Hong Kong. I wouldn't quite say the same thing about my experience in Hong Kong compare to here. In Hong Kong, the soup base was more flavorful,  and more choices of condiment. Here, the soup base is lighter, but oilier. However, I can't place this second to the one I had in Hong Kong because the flower petals (Jasmine I guess?)gives a new life to the soup, the kind of soul I would never expect from a simple bowl of soup noodle. It gave me a profound memory, but that is not enough to lure me to order it again on my next visit.

IMAG5544 copy
This is not their signature dish. I don't remember what is it called and can't find the price online what so ever. I guess it be something like 干炒扁豆 or Fried Indian bean. It doesn't draw too much memory in my brain. I can't even remember it was pork, or chicken. It was still very tasty.

If you want to know more about this place, you may read this Dian Ping post. It's like the Trip Advisor for food or the China version of Malaysia Most Wanted food. It's in Chinese, so good luck with that.

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