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Monday, January 19, 2015

Crowne Plaza Hotel, BeiJing ZhongGuanCun

During my trip to BeiJing, my colleague book a room for me in Crowne Plaza BeiJing ZhongGuanCun Hotel. I stay for 3 nights-ish (?). I check in on 3.30 am on my first night and check out on 5.30 am on the day I leave. In total I spent less than 20 hours in the 4 star hotel and it cost me RM 1.9 K including Limousin pick-up from airport.

Photo credit to IHG

The company I am working for has a branch in BeiJing which is located in ZhongGuanCun (中关村), hence they book the nearest hotel. The hotel is accessible via subway, but the nearest subway station to the hotel is HaiDianHuangZhuang Station (海淀黄庄站) or ZhiChunLi Station (知春里站) of instead of ZhongGuanCun Station (中关村) 

Sorry for the low resolution blurry photo. I am only able to take photo using my phone, didn't bring any camera. 3 laptop is heavy enough for me.
IMAG5519 copy
Please allow me to say, the room is AMAZING!
I think hotels don't have single bed room any more these day, or do they? When I was in Thailand, the hotel also gave me double bed room. Though I should warn you there are superstitious about the unoccupied single bed. Look it up on the internet,  I wouldn't want to pollute my blog with *cough* you know....

IMAG5520 copy
The TV and the working table is quite standard.

IMAG5522 copy
The best part is the wash room. I was so excited, I didn't even took off my jacket yet. 

IMAG5523 copy
Beside the sink, you can see various toiletries like shampoo, conditional, face lotion, and body shampoo. 

IMAG5524 copy
A separate cubicle for the toilet and shower, 

IMAG5525 copy
the other side, the big @$$ bath tub.

IMAG5536 copy
Like I said, I check-in on 3.30 am. By the time I finish taking a bath and unpack my stuff, it's already 4 am. I was so shocked when I looked out form the window, it was really bright, almost like 8 am in Malaysia. Yeap, that's the first time I taste Summer, long day and short nights. 

I was really confused, I am not sure I should sleep or continue work or get my breakfast first.    
IMAG5527 copy 
The pantry doesn't look promising, so I went to work. My support was not online as well, so I went back to sleep.

The breakfast buffet in the hotel was very good though. I didn't took any picture, too busy to stuff my mouth and gobble it down. The only dissatisfaction is that the dinners talk very loudly. Typical CINA-MAN.

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