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Monday, January 5, 2015

Of Braised Pork Leg and One Plus One Sausage from San Ban To [Non Halal]

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When I first heard about this restaurant I couldn't identify what style of cuisine it server. The name sounds like Chinese or Japanese, but from the reviews I read, it serve German pork knuckles and German beer, when I reach there I see pavlova (New Zealand dessert) on their special menu and the Ramen promotion banner on the side.
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Then I see 1 very common thing, they have pork in every single main dish. Ah! it's a pork place! Indeed, they have a sister company that call "The Pork Place" located in Bandar Puchong Jaya. Will definitely check it out next time, but do check this out as well:
32, SS2/63,
Petaling Jaya,
47300, Selangor
Tel: 603-78761728
Fax: 603-78761725

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So I ordered the One plus One Sausage, RM 24.90
It comes with salad and mash  potato sides. The longer one is the hot dog type where the meat are process, so the texture is quite bouncy. The shorter one is a real sausage while the meat is just slightly grind with garlic and maybe some herbs.
I prefer the longer one, mainly because the garlic taste from the shorter one. Usually this kind of bad garlic taste only exist you use use rotten garlic. I am very disappointed with it.

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My partner ordered the Braised Pork Leg, RM 17.90
The taste resembles a Chinese confinement dish ping trotter with vinegar (猪脚醋). The meat is fork tender, I bet it was braise for  hours. However, when I bite into it, it's just tough dry broom stick :(

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The skin are so soft, like your Micr@s@ft Window which can break down any time when u give em pressure.

Other than cook food, Sanbanto also sell raw pork and other process pork like sausage, bacon etc. They labeled their pork in both English and Chinese, and give you suggestion on how to prepare them. I never bought any pork from them yet, but I am interest to try them out next time and give you an update. Till then, stay put, I'll be back in a flash!

Overall: 8/10 [A new restaurant concept, instead of focusing one cuisine with different ingredient, this restaurant has one main ingredient with different type of cuisine. I just tried 2 dish, so it's still hard for me to judge.]
Taste bud indulgence: 7/10 [Not perfect but I appreciate the variety, it's hard to maintain so many different type of cuisine.]
Purse Saver: 9/10 [RM 25 for a meal is a bit expensive but compare to most German restaurant that serve sausage with a more expensive price, their house sausage is not that bad at all.]
Location: 8.5/10 [Located in a very jam area that is very hard to find parking, along the market street. Not the best place I would choose to have my restaurant, but its definitely easy to find.]
Service: 8/10 [I am a bit concern with the restaurant hygiene because they sold fresh meat with the same time. What would you feel if you have your lunch beside a transparent fridge with uncooked meat? It might just be my imagination, I feel I smell some pork foul smell in the back of my head. The other thing that trigger my nerve is the leaking air-cond. We didn't complain, we didn't change table, we just moved a way from the leak park. Hope they can improve on these aspect.]

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