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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant, 和民居食屋 [Lunch Set Review]

Hey ya! It's been a while since the last food review update.
Who's hungry here?
Me iz~

During the CNY period, I have tried a new restaurant called Watami.

Currently, they have 2 outlets in Malaysia which is in Pavillion and 1 Utama. More Info here

I wasn't expecting too much from this restaurant since it was quite on the morning when I walk passed it. I drag along deary for lunch. It was beyond my expectation, either food, services, environment or price.
You just need to continue reading to know why =)

Like all other restaurant, they do not only offer ala carte, but also set lunch and set dinner. Usually those set lunch and dinner promotion only offer cheap and sucky food, but for Watami, it is not the case.
Lunch Set Menu, from Rm17.90++, including salad and beverage.

Dinner Set Menu, from RM40++ onward per person.

Salad in Lunch Set.
The salad bowl seems large but the actually portion isn't very large. The lettuce took up some space hence the presentation. If I am not mistaken (correct me if I am wrong) the salad gravy of lettuce and corn are made of cream and fish sauce. It is a bit salty and umami plus the sweetness from corn, a fresh combination.

Although they do not have a few different choices for salad, but there are still a few beverage choices, such as Oolong tea, green tea, lemon tea, hot Yuzu Marmalade, hot plum honey, coffee, soda. If you opt for fruit juice or Calpis soda, you just need to top up RM2. 

Most of the lunch set comes with soup. The Miso soup has kelp(a kind of seaweed) and tofu in it. It is salty as usual, better than average if compare to all other Miso soup offered in Japanese restaurant in Malaysia.


*drum roll*

The star of the lunch


main dish:

Ishiyaki Beef Pepper Rice (pepper beef rice in stone pot set) Rm 17.90
The set include stone pot illustrated above, salad, soup and beverage. It is a bit spicy due to the pepper. I wish to describe more but I didn't tried it. According to the owner, it was not bad, has the aroma and flavor. Note that the beef is still raw, but  you can control the cook level by removing early (for more raw and tender texture) or later (for fully cooked beef) during the mixing process.

Yes, you need to mix the rice and topping yourself. If you feel don't feel like eating certain food, you can just remove it before mixing. During the mixing process, when the beef is in contact with the stone pot, it will slowly get cooked. Beware, the stone pot is REALLY hot.

Crab roe.
Tempting isn't it?
The crab roe comes with the set below:

Ishiyaki Salmon and Tobikko Gohan (Salmon and Crab Roe Rice in Stone Pot Set) Rm 19.90
The set include stone pot illustrated above, salad, soup and beverage. Note that the white creamy thingy isn't mayo. It's CHEESE~ Like Ishiyaki Beef Pepper Rice, the salmon is raw. It was my mistake that I didn't remove it early eventhough I like my salmon to be partially cook and juicy. It was partially due to my occupational disease where I have to take the perfect photo and Tweet/FB it before I have my meal XD

The whole combination including egg, seaweed, green onion, salmon, rice, crab roe etc is very aromatic but the taste is still a bit tasteless. Luckily salt, pepper and soya sauce is provided. I guess it is up to the customer's preference to mix their own rice bowl.

Overall: 10/10 [Like I said, I wouldn't stingy in giving full marks if it is really good. What's bonus, the restaurant comes in a package; environment, services, location, taste, price etc]

Taste bud indulgence: 10/10 [Their taste is not something a Japanese franchise restaurant can maintain, keep up the good work] 

Purse Saver: 9.5/10 [If I have to name a shortcoming, it would be the higher price. I do not blame them to offer this price since rent in 1 U is not cheap. However, it is comparably cheaper than same standard Japanese Restaurant. Yes, Japanese food in Malaysia are overpriced!]

Atmosphere: 10/10 [Modern Japanese/western design shop lot]

Location: 10/10 [Both Pavillion and 1U is 1 of the top mall in Malaysia and the location of the restaurant in the mall is pretty easy to locate]

Service: 9.5/10 [Not the best I have seen, but it is acceptable rate during peak hour]


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