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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Penang Diary 4: Queensbay Mall

I have came to Kulim for my internship about 2 months already. Within this period, I have traveled to Penang quite often. May it be driving alone, hanging out with friends, or taking company shutter for a work related trip.
Despite much travelling, I have no chance to went into this enormous mall although I will pass by the mall every time I visit Penang.
Queensbay Mall
This reminds me a lot of Jusco Bandaraya Melaka, but of course Queensbay Mall is much larger

Queensbay Mall Neway
The mall consist of Karaoke box (Neway)

Queensbay Mall GSC
Cinema (GSC)

Queensbay Mall
Arcade center

Queensbay Mall
Roller skate center

Queensbay Mall
and all kinds of restaurant, compiling the world finest delicacy and more.

Queensbay Mall toilet
Even their toilet are out of the box! Half opened aired~ LOL

It's so huge that i don't have time to scan through all the shops I was interested like Nichii, my fav fashion brand and the food court at the basement.

Paddington house of pancake-menu 
But I did spend some time on a unique dinner experience in Paddington House of Pancakes(PHOP). Read my previous review here.

This mall is kindda perfect for me. If I really need to point out some shortcoming, it would be the "overwhelmingly" expensive in-door parking fees. The rate is almost as expensive as K.L already =.=


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  2. my favourite is jusco bukit mertajam due to its free parking hahahha...

    go to queensbay until I got sick already hohoho