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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant (review)

I hear a friend mention about Purple Cane before and really impressive by the idea of including tea leaves in food. Thus, I went to the Shaw Parade outlet at Changkat Thambi Dollah to give it a try.

It has a very harmony interior design that can help to release stress.

I ordered Shui Xian Tea (水仙茶). Rm1.80 per person
To be honest, I like shui Xian Tea more than any other Chinese tea. However, Chinese tea that I made myself can never fight the quality of Chinese Tea in any tea shop, so are Purple Cane's tea. People told me that the hot water and the tea pot took a major factor on the taste. Well no comment, I am only good with my tongue not my hands ^ ^

Anchovies Egg (银鱼煎蛋)RM7.00
Never in my mind, anchovies can be a good companion for fry egg.
The crispy anchovies blend with the beaten egg, fry till golden color but not too oily.

Homemade bean curd (自制钵茶豆腐)RM15.00
No doubt the bean curd has very soft and smooth texture. The sauce is a bit thick, just the way I like it to be.

Salad Prawn (沙拉茶虾) Rm16.00
Like every usual salad prawn, the prawn is considerably fresh. I am not sure whether they put in the tea leaves or not. Is it in the salad sauce? I guess so~

Ginseng Tea Soup (参茶鸡汤) Rm4.00
It's a bit bitter like usual ginseng soup. I felt like I will have a fever any time soon before I drank this soup, but after the dinner I feel hot and energetic. Ok, this picture is so miss leading.

-No picture-
Green Tea Rice (绿茶饭) Rm1.00 per bowl.
No comment.

Overall: 8/10 (nice atmosphere, nice tea, nice food, moderate service)
Taste bud indulgence: 8.5/10 (their cook turn something usual to unusual)
Purse saver: 7/10 (it's some very normal food that cook to become very tasty food, but it's still very normal food. Come on, it should be less expensive than that?)
P/S: I have to admit that I did not have an enjoyable experience with them. Our food is only serve 45 min after we ordered. The other table that came later than us is ordering their dessert while we just get our 1st dish without rice. Although the boss come to apologize, and I appreciate them to reduce 10% from our bill, I still feel down because my mood was ruined. However, our case is just an exceptional because all other table got their dishes considerably fast. Thus, I will still recommend this place to you ^ ^


  1. It's a really nice and comfy atmosphere there :D

  2. The name sounds nice! The salad prawn looks so deeelicious! <3

  3. Is the green tea rice green in colour? :P and the homemade bean curd looks good to me!

  4. wow...i want me some green tea rice. =D

  5. @Kelly C @JΞMS£Ɲ @SaSa @˙·٠•●♥ Stephanie ♥●•٠·˙ @Lilian Hii (백합) Thanks, I'll take it as a compliment to the photos.
    @Hilda Milda™ no, the rice is a bit dark with some tea leves inside. Very aromatic, but definitely not green ^ ^
    @Joel DIY lah~

    your food photos are stunning!

  7. i still believe that good and fast service is important..

  8. Oh god, the egg looks ssSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOO nice!! btw, havent took breakfast...grrr...hate u.

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  9. @Calvin Ong @M-Knight @Chuckie Cotton I have to credit too, he took most of the photos.
    @sHaH yeah, but an exceptional case once in a while make me remember that place lot more too >.<

  10. wow! salivating aftr looking at ur pics! :D
    nice review!

  11. Wow...I love everything in this post. A perfect choice for a special occasion!..and This sounds like a fun place. it's a real restaurant review! thanks

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