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Sunday, January 23, 2011

My DiGi Done Right Camp Post-Event Review

Digi Done right Camp
It has been 1 week since I leave D'house for the Digi Done Right Camp. There were lots of good memories that I wanted to share with you. Let put a side all the yummies that the yellow man feed us.
No racists here, not ALL things in D'house is yellow.

At least not for the bread~

And also don't forget all the nice merchandise that generous yellow man gave us *^ ^*
merchandise from Digi

I should mention that there is more than yellow in D'house


Put aside all the YELLOW FRESH FLOWERS (believe me, they have other colors of flowers too, just that I didn't manage to find it yet :p) that they change every week on Sunday, there are actually very green.

This is what they call the "oxygen house".
There are limited parking spaces in D'house, hence the staff can only park into the building if they carpool to the office!

Even their stairs are Extra Ordinary
The painting were did by the Digizen and their kids. Above is the guided side
and below is the unguided side of wall which done by their kids!

Out of all the features in D'house. The most humorous would be this one:
Their meeting room has really special names!

Imaging this:
(credit to Hello Kitty and

Aiyo, at lease give me a fake laugh lah, my 1st time doing comic strip leh.
I know I can be better.... next time.

Put a side all the nice features in D'house
(how many time I have mention "put aside" here? Must be the Prashan Chitty's poison,
Prashan Chitty
he always mention "put a side"~lol)

Most of the time, the impact for most camp is short. Some might be last for few weeks and some might be just few days. I didn't rush to make a review once I get off the camp because I really need to feel the impact on the camp. Until now, I can proudly announce that my life have change during the camp. Like U2 Kumar said, he is not the 1 who is changing us, but the people around us that change us!
(credit to Nikel khor @

Can you believe that? How amazing it is! U2 Kumar might have lecturing us for a short period of 2 days but the impact he gave us is going to last for the rest of our life!
Don't quite get what I mean? See here:
Friends, especially those who I know from this camp have re-tweet and giving encouragement around Facebook and Twitter . And don't forget those supporters too! They are keeping in touch with us even after the camp. So called after sale service eh?
U2 Kumar's supporters

I mean U2 Kumar did teach me a lot within these 2 days but what more important is the people around us (which attended the camp) will continue to influence us after the camp. I never thought a camp will be that .....(can't find a word to describe it)... just plain WOW!!!

assume= make the ass out of "u" and "me"
Assume = Make the ass out of you and me

2 patters: XO & lousy
Energy -> Thoughts -> Feelings-> Action -> Patterns ->Results
There are only 2 patterns: (1) XO (extro ordinary) and (2) Automatic Robotic behaviour (which is lousy)

stop complain, blame, gossip, excuss
Stop complain, blame, gossip, excuse.

difference between big heart and small heart
Have a big heart. When other people have an achievement, proudly says:
I Support You!

positive words
Stop negative thoughts and starts using energize words!

I really can't explain what he taught 1 by 1, if you have a chance, you really might considering joining it yourself!
What I felt so deeply is the big heart- small heart lecture. At the end of the camp, all us really have a big heart. These are the winners for the HTC Aria. No one were told that by participating actively in the camp will get rewarded. I am not doubting myself for not being a contributor, but I am really happy for what they have achieve and cheer for them when they get their prize!
Rayyan Haries
Rayyan Haries

Rabiatul Adawiyah Zakaria
Rabiatul Adawiyah

Rabiatul  Adawiyah Zakaria and Rayyan Haries
I was really shock with the fact that I have transform from a green eye devil to be a really big hearted girl~

Even, if you are not interesting in U2 Kumar nor the camp (which you will end up loving it and request for extend after the camp :p), not even on the HTC Aria (which is not a guarantee in the next camp) you might see it as a gathering among friends.

Rayyan Haries
Meet the old pal Rayyan Haries.

Meet the self-call handsome boy Engtaukia

and you might be meeting someone that you will never thought you will be!
Timothy Teoh head of techinician in Nuffnang.
Thanks to Digi and Nuffnang for organizing such a wonderful camp for us. Thanks for all who support me "non-silently" from behind. I appreciate it very much.
Hope our friendship continues.


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