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Friday, January 7, 2011

I want to go to DiGi Done Right Camp, how about you?

Courtesy to
Digi, Digi done right camp is organize to the beloved Digi angles and Nuffnangers.

Oh, you don't know the News yet?
Nah, don't worry I will keep you updated, click
to find out more ^^

As I mention in my tittle, yeah, I want to attend this camp and I WILL be attending it despite of the fact that I am in Melaka now *>.<* Well, you guys know me as from my display pictures. But how much you actually know about me? Photobucket

Did I ever mention that being a "spectacleslous" girl, I also have a noticeable square face.
That is how my name y--square came from ^ ^
I might look very feminine,
but I can be very naughty at sometimes...

Don't understand what I mean huh? Check out my Rapunzel post and you will get the answer

I may be label as a bookworm good student hardworking....
decent engineering student.
There are some -breakthelaw- time too!
Yeah, you saw it, my head is on the table while other is participate attentively to the lecture.
Well, what I am doing?
Figure it out yourself~

As very little people knows, I already have a hubby
Hubby and I during an industrial visit to IRIS at Technology Park, Bukit Jalil.
(P/S:what the author trying to say here is her roommate duh -_-)

And my best friend buddy pal partner
(D@mn! what should I call it?)
Ok, just put it that way, we are intimate but we don't have intercourse.
(ok, that sounds more misleading)

Because I already have my sleeping partner
Introducing Pucca and monkey.
Since they are very new in the family, I have not gave them any names.
Would you try to help too?

Within my very short blogging experience (yeah, I know I blog less then 100 months XD)
I have meet a lot of interesting people
such as Ras Adibah Radzi

and fellow bloggers and Nuffnangers

When I need help, they will not hesitate to give me a hand either physically or virtually.
that is why my longest Facebook discussion ever can shoot up to 28 comments.
Well, I know that is very little, but they really gave a great effort too!

Although I am a fulltime student studying in Melaka and missout the exciting KL life such as event, movie screening, gathering, competition etc.; I am glade to spoiled by good food in both places.
Potato Zerra from Restorant Pak Putra, Melaka

Abalone cold cut from Tao, Sunway Giza, KL

BBQ and grill from Tao, Sunway Giza, KL

Tony Roma's cod steak
Tony Roma's Grill Cod steak from KL

Shibaraku puff
Puff from Shibaraku, Melaka

Shibaraku shisi
Shushi from shibaraku, Melaka

Ho G chicken rice
Chicken Rice from Ho G, Melaka

and lotsssssssssss more.
You can check you my FOOD AND BEVERAGES tag to read more ^ ^

So, after the short (quite long adi lah duh -__-) description of myself, wouldn't you wanna know more about the y--square that always hide behind the screen?

Come on, join y--square in the Digi done right camp.
Are you ready for it?
check out the link below to start!


  1. Digi Not so done right camp =P Nawh not going =)

  2. LOL... don't lah like that~ give face a bit~

  3. All the best^^ i'm sure you'll meet many more awesome ppl there^^

  4. All the best! haha :) so today found out a lil more bout u hehe

  5. gluck and all the best.. i support u.. i support u.. hahaha.. alot interesting and nice food photos too !

    tell us more if you go yea !

  6. Square, after reading your post...(such a long post), i think........ YOU'RE IN!! TRUST ME!! you blog well!

  7. @Glo-w~* @Allison @Euniceee thanks ^ ^ hope to meet you next time.