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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lunch at Tao Cuisine, Sunway Giza (review)

If you are familiar with this name, you either live in Penang/KL or visited Penang/KL very often. Well, Tao has 2 branch in Penang and another 2 in KL. Which is in Sunway Giza and The Curve. A friend of mine that had Tao a few time, proposed a Christmas Eve lunch at Tao.
"Why no" is my answer.

TAO Authentic Asian Cuisine Sdn. Bhd.
Sunway Giza Shopping Mall, Petaling Jaya.
A: 2nd floor, No.2, Jalan PJU 5/14, PJU 5, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
+6. 03. 6148. 2tao ( 826 )
F: +6. 03. 6148. 5tao ( 826 )

For more information on operation hour and pricing, please click HERE

Although it is a All-U-Can-Eat buffet restaurant, it has a distinctly small food bar compare to other Japanese style buffet restaurant, such as Sibaraku and Jogoya.
Food bars

dessert bar
Dessert Bar

salad bar
Salad Bar

The only reason that they have small bars is that most of the delicacies is only available on menu and serves on order basis.
For their menu, you can check it out at HERE

Green Tea
As usual, nothing beat a hot cup of green tea in a hearty buffet feast!
Tips: the only drink I will and always consume during buffet is tea ONLY. No sugar please.
Not only it neutralize the flavors in your mouth each time you change a course, it helps you digesting faster and feel less saturated. Now tell me, which drink is more money wise then?

Beef and duck cut
Left: Beef slices Right: Duck slices
I personally think that these meat are a bit cold. I don't mean I don't like it to left cool after they're prepare it, it's just that they prepare it too early that the meat is chilled by the air-con.

various appetizer
Left to right: jelly fish, -bamboo shoo? I'll confirm again-, veges, scallops.
I like 1,3 and 4.
Jelly fish is very chewable so are the veggies. The texture of the viggies will cheat you that its some chicken peduncle. Nothing special about the scallop slices.

Cold Cut:
Smoked Salmon With Mix Veg.Roll
Smoked Salmon With Mix Veg .Roll
Is it smoked? Feel more like raw sashimi~
Mix veggies? Are there really veggies in the roll? I know there are some soft texture, like cheese or preserve bean-curd or something but it was too good to be unrolled just to discover what is inside. I just wanna open my mouth and keep munching on the great exotic taste.

One of my favorite. No matter how it's cook/serve/saute, love abalone to the MAX!
I didn't expect them to have wasabi in the soy sauce. Not a big fans of wasabi, but it turns out quite ok too ^ ^!

Fried Dishes:
Age Gyoza
Age Gyoza
No special comment on this Gyoza. Chinese gyoza can be much better than that. Cantonese Gyoza is more compact and has elastic texture rather than soft and less compact texture offer by Japanese Gyoza. But Tao has offer me the best Japanese Gyoza so far.

Crrab Meat With Cheese
Crab Meat with Cheese
I like the cheese texture, but I just can't feel its crab from my tongue, a bit wasted.
But the outside is crunchy. Worth to try it, seriously!

Ko Ebi
Ko Ebi
Didn't know what we order until we saw it. It's deep fry shrimp and crabs, tiny soft skin crab.
Its crunchy too. I like the spices but not the mint.
Repeat: I like it's spiciness, it's salty, curry leaves but not the mint :(

Ham Asparagus Age
Ham Asparagus Age served with mustard sauce
The skin is very crunchy but dry. The ham is just so-so, not much spices.

Ham Asparagus Age's filling
But I can't see any asparagus ~
I think adding a layer of cheese will make it better?

I was surprised. Tako ball has no tako inside!
Swt-__-||| Did they mince it?
If you are opt to try variety of foods, my advice is: tako ball is quite full.
Unless you come with a big group, else not really a must to try.

Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken Teriyaki
It's very well marinated and tender chicken tight comes with flavorful slightly sweet and flavorful sauce. After you try it -
OH~ I am in heaven~

Salmon Hiroyaki
Teppan Salmon
Sorry for the blurry photo *>.<* Try a few attempt and it's still blur~ curse of the were salmon~
Not as good as some 5 star salmon steak, but it's quality is up to its standard.
I prefer smoked salmon but this one is very worth to try also ^ ^

Main dish:

Three Cup Chicken
Three cup chicken
I have no idea why this Chinese dish's name is named like that.
Too bad, it isn't boneless. Else I can give it 95%
The flavor is just nice, just that it's a bit cool. Very worth to try.

The legendary Teppan Scallop
All my friends that went to Tao comment that their scallop is a must try.
I didn't have special interest on it even thought I was like eating the whole plate alone.
I think the sauce were made by mayonnaise mixed with chili sauce and herbs. The sauce is not my favor and the scallop is a bit too small and not fresh. Been spoil by mom's giant scallop porridge.
Maybe scallop are just not in season~

Noodle soup:
Goma Chicken
Goma Chicken
Note that this dish is with alcohol (sake)
I don't really like this, I didn't even finish my portion. The soup is very salty and the chicken is very bitter. Just not my taste. You have to try with courage.

Steam dishes:
Steam Gyoza
Steam Gyoza
The steam version of Age Gyoza. The skin is nice but not the filling. Disappointed also~

bbq seafood
BBQ squid, prawn, chicken, fishes etc.
There are a wide range of raw food, from seafood, chicken, mushrooms etc.
It's prepared by specially trained chef, not like those you bake grill yourself on the net~
There are different spices for different material, hence different flavors.
Although the others looks so charming, this is one thing you can't miss.

Ice-cream with Chocolate coating
Although Tao do not serve big-big ice-cream brand like Jogoya, they do provide enough variety for you too choose!

dessrt-chocolate puff, cheess tart, puff, cake
From left to right: Cheese puff with chocolate coating, cheese tart, chesse tart w/o chocolate coating, cake.

chocolate coated puff
Cheese puff with chocolate coating
OMG! I never expect cheese puff with chocolate coating can be THAT nice! ^ ^
*Jakun* never had cheese puff with chocolate coating.
Well, cheese puff is just so-so. No as good as the Sibaraku one, but also much better than what Jogoya offers.
But, when puff meets the choco
(pun intended)
They matched to the very end like a pair of puzzle pieces!

What you you waiting for? Call/ visit here to book your place before it's too late!

Overall: 10/10
Taste bud indulgence:10/10
Purse saver: 10/10 (RM42 for a weekday lunch? That is so awesome!)


  1. Umm.. I am a non-meat eater so the only food that attracted me are the desserts. Haha.. Nice post though.

  2. Im feeling so hungry too! RM42 for weekdays lunch is really worth it for so many fooooood! :D

  3. mmmmm.... the food looks tempting!! especially the desserts!!

  4. @Nava.K @Lim Kai Shin @Hilda Milda™ @kar xin @mr_ben Thanks for the compliment! ^ ^

  5. Those are some really good food! I'm starving!!

  6. Looks good^^ I usually go to the one in Juru Auto city^^

  7. whoa! thats a lot of food.
    Mmmmm, have never been to sunway giza yet, but i think I've been to another Tao restaurant before, can't remember where. :)

  8. @Neil @Glo-w~* @Chuen I will take it as a compliment for the photoshop skills XP
    @Isaac Tan I saw 1 in Curve.Is it that 1? But Tao's website didn't mention any branch in curve.