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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don't Judge A Book By It's cove; Don't Judge A Head Of Technician By His Geek face!

As you may or may not know, today is a great day because I am finally in Digi Done right camp!!!!Align Center
Besides being able to visit the D'house (Digi HQ), I also meet with the "REAL" yellow man !!!
Nah, just joking, he is just Prashan Chitty a very cute Digi staff.

We have great food, meet with great peoples and most important learn great lesson.
Yeah, I know you should be thing like "so lame... motivation camp so boring" but just hold it right there!

The camp is just half way through but I have learn so many things today!

As my title mentioned, don't judge the book by it's title.
As easy as it mean literally, how many of us really practice it in our life?

Ok, do you know this guy?
Have you meet this guy before?
The nuffies please shut up~ *zip your mouth*
This guy named Timothy Teoh. I beg 99% of you don't know him.
He is actually the Head of Technician in Nuffnang.
Having those technical geek face really make me turn down when I first meet him.
In this camp, we were assign to groups and we have to be very active to earn points.
From my point of view, he is those kind of passive guy that just want to become a passenger for the team.
Wow... how terrible I am to label a guy that I don't know!

My first impression totally changed when we are in the treasure hunt session:
As an IT guy, he is so fast and efficient in solving the riddles. He passion to the game is totally unleash and help us our group won the game!


However, when we come back to lecture session, he came back to his own self 囧
He is the guy sitting at the edge and I am the only 1 who is sitting beside him.
Although I think he should change his attitude, but for things to change, I must change first!
This is the most important lesson I learn in the camp.
I try to approach him, encourage him to participate in the discussion. I feel that he is slowly making his move, but at the end of the day, he can still blends in and perform as a team ^ ^

I feel his participation is still not enough. Maybe what I did is still not enough to change him. There is no failure, it's just wrong result, so I have to change my strategy.
I hope I will be meeting him again tomorrow because I want to do it right!
I know I can make a difference.
Just in case you meet this guys, help me to give a pat on his shoulders and tell him:
"I support you"
"I know you (I) can be better"

Please help me to make a difference in his life and your life too!

P/S: Notice the black bold words? Thoes are the motivation worlds from Lawrence Walter Seminars. Interested to know more about them? You can know more about them from here or here.