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Monday, November 29, 2010

My long lovely date!!!

Can't remember the last time I have a date with a guy.
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In chronology order:

(1) Jloi's Indah castelsushi lunch with shrimp
(kekeke... coz I can't simply take picture of others house, so I just show you my house pic with the extra sushi I made that I send to him later to force him finish it ^ ^)

(2) Snowflakes SJ
Snow flakes
(The last time I was here, I meet Cayenne for the first time, the Ais Kacang here is addicting!)

(3) Sunway Pyramid
SE Xeperia X10
(exploring SE Xperia X10, wasn't too impressive though~~~)

(4) Sunway Giza
Christmas Deco at Sunway Giza
(a new place that I never came before)

(5) Craving Kitchen and Bistro in Sunway Giza
My travel partner
(Last but not least, my travel partner of the day, Blondy (angmo) "Caucasian" blogger JackieLoi. Having 12 inch monster burger as dinner with him)


  1. Wow so many good food there.... :)

  2. Woots. i saw my name! :D btw. it's cayenne. XD yes yes. i remember that day! :)

  3. woop! Thanks for letting me know ^ ^ cheers!