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Sunday, November 7, 2010

I think I really let go this time.

It has been haunted me more than 3 months and got worse over the pass 2 weeks. I really satisfy with the reason and explanation. I really let go now.
I have to give myself some time to delete 4 years of memory. That must have taken at least 10-exa byte and above. Computer also need to take some time to delete that much amount of memory lah, not to mention human.
hey, but 4 years?
Then I will go back to form 6 then?
Nah... live is a journey that has no U-turn. I have to go on. God knows I can survive the coming 2 years or not...
I send him some broke up present. Not sure he found it out or not. Let the start become the end, how meaningful is that.
Sorry for all the emo post recently. Will post about Rapunzel on the nest post, I promises.

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