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Sunday, May 23, 2010

How a hotspot change a bunch of uncle and aunty’s life into a facebook addict

Erm… how to assembly this… I work part time in a Hong Kong style Chinese restaurant in Avenue K (Those that went to Avenue K before should know that there is only 1 chinese restaurant there). Most of my colleague is not very educated, not to mention speaks or read English. SO, you can conclude them to be non computer literal too. However, one day, a electronic undergraduate (not me, don’t perasan) that work part time there bring along his laptop to finish up his assignment there during break time). He was so frustrated with work, so he online using a nearby restaurant’s hotspot and played some games in facebook application. That sure did attract the asst. manager attention. From that day, that assit. manager buy a new laptop and play facebook apps everyday. That attacts other colleague attention and all of them start buying laptop and play facebook game during break time. Even the alien that don’t speaks English nor Chinese follows too. So, that’s how a hotspot increases the laptop sales and reduce computer “unliteracy”. How a miracle is that 0.o|||

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