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Monday, May 24, 2010

Why must University student/graduate know everything

This morning, my dad took out the water bill and asks me something. I take a look that B.M phrase and said I don’t know. Then he scolded me, “Why a grown up university student like you can’t answer that simple question?”
I was thinking like “duh…. You also grown up what, why don’t you know about that too?”
What I really trying to say that, when we keep growing up, when gain experience, then we tend to stereotype certain things according to our past experience. That is what we further away from the youngsters. It is very common that parent think that their child should be very excel if their child is in the college or university. When their child is out of the university, their child should know “everything”! However, how could that possible?! Even if I did learn a lot in my university life, but most of it is about subject related to my course. How could a doctor repair a machine or an artist do a economic analysis? Does my stand make sense?


  1. haha...its like dat parents also expect me to know everything lor..:-(

  2. haha... FML... Same case here too....
    they just expect us to know everything, and when we don't they will say " I take out all my savings for you to study until this tertiary level, you don even know bout this?" WTF!!!!!!

  3. you poor thing.. biasa lah.. parents..

    just smile, ignore, and then take more money from them >:)

  4. @ohmywtf @budleee Guess not me, but most younger generations these days are facing the same problem.
    @amandaeriopapilio Luckily I took loan on my studies, else they can have more things to nag at me.

  5. nice en3..visit mine if free.;D

  6. an engine lady....oops, gud luck

  7. depends on the person who wants to know more or not lor... haha! :D