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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nightmare On Elm Street, movie review

Credits to Advertlets blogger for sharing their tickets to Nuffnangers. ^^
Frankly, even for those Horror movie fans, this will scare you till your pants wet. Watch it 2 days ago with bunch of blogger in MidValley for the premium movie screening. I saw all kinds of funny face face. Saw a blogger with name starts with J hides his eyes in his palm, and A keep on texting or twittering (I don’t know) to distract him from the scene, and L that sits beside me jumped up everytime whenever a sundden noice, even if it was not scary. Hahahah… enough of laughing at other ppl, for me, when I know there is the timing, I still drive my view out of the screen. Huhuhuh…. Guess I am a lil chicken too…

Well, back to the topic, since I never watch that movie or read about that story before, so the story line goes a bit unpredictable for me. Here are my synopsis:
“ The gardener of Badham preschool- Fred Krueger is a friend of every student in the school. Every children likes to play with him. However, he is not as friendly as he seems to be, he did something bad to the kids (probably rape them, from my point of view) and took photos of them. Krueger’s favorite child, Nancy told her parent about the secret that she promise to keep, resulting the scandal among the kid’s folk. The folks tried to kill him by burning him, so that the kids don’t have to go on courts to point out Krueger, which may craft their unpleasant memory of childhood. 10 years later, all child as their parents wanted, forgotten those preschool memory. Fate brought 5 of them into the same high school. 3 of them die in their dreams which emits lots of question in the remaining teens past. When they try to dig out what has happen in the past that drive them into the same nightmare, there were risking their life to survive…”

Hahahah… if you wanna know what happen, must go to watch it. I really think it is worth to watch. Guys, (wink wink) bring the girl and girls bring out your guys. I don’t think I need to teach you the next step. Hehehe… as for me both of me and my lil piglet scared like chicken, so no extreme chemistry reaction. If you can wait, a video night at home will make thing more complete (wink wink).


  1. Haven't watch it. Should be a nice movie :P

  2. Yee scary! But sadly I dun have much time to watch movie. T_T