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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lumix DMC-TZ review

Ok, I know I know. The whole world knows that I got a new Camera for FREE. Don't be jealous just because I got such a nice boyfyPhotobucket, you can take mine (boyfy) and I want the camera only... wahahahaha just jokingPhotobucket. Don't angry lah dear...Photobucket you draw me become so stupid I also not yet count with youPhotobucket.

Back to the camera business.


Dear (Jackie) took some snowflakes, demo-ing it to me. Extreme nice micro mode:

So, later my friend borrow my camera, I refused, coz I wanna try it out myself too!!!


As you see, its really amazing. Its almost as good as a picture taken using DSLR.

Then,I tried it on some other occasion also. I did a landscape of sunset from my hostel's balcony (believe me, my hostel have balcony, 4 bedroom, 2 washroon and a very long living room for studying purpose).

Sunset in melaka
Should have change the proportion to wide screen one, but I forgotten and didn't check it afterward. Nvm, it can still makes Jloi jealous, I guess.

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