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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Please, with everyone's help we can stop animal abuse.

Many of you didn't know that I am a dog lover. I keep a few pets through my journey of growing (ahem...) old.... When they (my pets) meet their fate, they will leave me and I have to find a new one. However, I stop keeping any (pets) since I went into University or since I "abandon" my most favorite pet, Faye.
Isn't he cute?

In every mom's eye, their child (pet) is cute and cuddly!!!

My dad even make him wear an iron "necklace". Looks macho...

He even have a son, which is not very close to me since I didn't stay with this lil guy when he grown up. I didn't spare as much time compare the time I share with Faye, since he was born when I am in the middle of the semester (was in Melaka)

However, I can't spend any more time with Faye any more. Last year, my lil naughty Faye bite my dad. My dad was very mad, so he send him to DBKL. I don't know what happen after that, don't even know whether he is still alive or not and I can't do anything since I was studying in Melaka at that moment.

When I came back, everything is too late.

I should have teacher Faye to obey everyone in this family, not only under my comand. I should have spend more time with him, come back to KL whenever I could.
I think the source of his mischieve is because there is a few time, he saw me dissapread after riding my dad's car and never come back. In fact, my dad send me to bus station to go to Melaka. I think he missunderstood and think my dad is the devil behind the dissapearance of me. I feel really sad, but I can't do anything to help.

Then, this morning, I saw something that really hurts me as deep as my dad take Fayue away from me:

You can also view it from Facebook. Note that you should log in to view it.

Arrording to the guy who posted it up, the incident took place in Bali, Indonesia. The incident should have happened for quite a while and ppl are signing petition to stop that burtal act. Their target is to achieve 10,000 singature but they are only half way done.

I don't know whether my faye was threated like this, but if it does, it sure breaks my heart.
You know you can make a difference.
Sign the petition by clicking here
and more information will be provided here.


  1. Fuck that's sick. I'm a dog lover and the yelps just hit me hard. DBKL wouldn't have been very human to Faye - should have sent to the SPCA instead, at least there's a chance of adoption.

    Nanged you. More people need to be aware of this.

    Btw, I'm malaccan, where are you studying in Malacca?

  2. @kok, I don't really know what happen and makes my dad send Faye away and why he send it to DBKL instead of SPCA. I was really sad that time, cry to my boyfy through the phone.
    I am in KL now, studying in UTeM Melaka. Will be back to Melaka end of Jun.

  3. even sent to SPCA, they will be laid down after some period of time, if not adopted....:-(

  4. aww...sorry to hear that about your dog. :( hope he'll be treated well at DBKL.

    the Indonesian incident sounds horrible...really hope that they'll be able to do something about it. animals deserve better.

    thanks for posting this. :)

  5. agreed with u.. we must treat animals like human. they also deserved for a peaceful life

    Donald Duck Yang Tak Senonoh !

  6. even though Muslim cant really keep dogs as pets, but cruelty against the animals are a definite no-no!

  7. Thank you, guys for your comment. I know you guys really cares. The least I can do now is to pray for them.

  8. Yeah, its pretty upset how man take animals for granted. If only we can be in their shoes and have a taste of their lives.

  9. omg you don't even have to see this through youtube. Even in Malaysia. They just shoot the stray dogs dead and just drag it with a long pole and throw them onto their lorry cos they're Malays and they can't touch dogs. Not to be racists but it had happened right in front of my eyes before. :(

  10. @Shuwen OMG!!! Really?! Oh my poor dear Faye, I think I will not meet him again :'(

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