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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

US Pizza Rider coming to town.

Do you guys still remember a mouth watery Pizza post that I pasted some times a go?
Actually, I am not yet finish of that.
yeah, thought I have finish in the food review, but I am not yet finish in the US Pizza part.

I was there to actually celebrate my classmate's Birthday, not any food review session.

Just in case you forgot, I'll let you see some of the classic pictures:

I beg your saliva are moist-ing your throat, so just to make you more jealous of me, you can always go to my previous post on here, to read/see more about the Pizza's picture.

Well, ready for the extra of The US Pizza? Presenting:

Us Pizza Rider - Timmy
Rider Timmy

Us Pizza Rider - Dixon
Cute Rider Dixon show his eye

Us Pizza Rider - Dixon
Rider Dixon become Macho after hiding his eyes.

Us Pizza Rider - Huat
Rider Huat

Us Pizza Rider - Irvin
Rider Irvin

Us Pizza Rider - Derick
Rider Derick
(He keep asking: got ppl take my pic or not?got ppl take my pic or not? *repeat for a few times*, else I will looks stupid!
OMG =.= you wear like that and let ppl take picture of your face like that makes you more stupid, now every1 can see your stupid face when they type in US Pizza rider in Google.Photobucket)

Us Pizza Rider - Hoho
Rider Hoho

Us Pizza Rider - Bao
Rider Bao

Us Pizza Rider - Caleb
Rider Caleb

Us Pizza Rider - group picture
And all together they are the US Pizza Rider (that ride motorcycle to Us Pizza)
Photobucketwonder why only 7 ppl in the above picture instead of 8 ppl that I introduce above?
Stupid you, Rider also need backup de ma, in case they were injured in any accident, there are always a backup for them.Photobucket

*note: some picture are not watermarked because I have edited those picture before I invent the watermark

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