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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Red Tomato Pets Fun Day. Part 5: Creatively Dress Award Competition

There are lots of competition held on that day. One of my favorite is Creatively dress pet.
The pets owner and given some ribbons (hard type) and some paper (looks like majong paper but it isn't) to dress their dog creatively so as to compete for the most creatively dress pets.

There is one Maltese or Shi Tzu (it looks more like Tzu for me, or maybe mixed) that attracts my attention.
Its owner, probably a pet salon person groom it before the competition.

LOOK! How nice, tidy braid. I beg the owner has put lots of sweat on it.

Apparently, the owner doesn't have to work much to win the title.

There are some other worth to mention examples:

Before the competition starts, I saw this Chow Chow in a hut, with his owner, a pretty boy.
Ow... Tell you, I really loves chow chow fluffiness and his coat is as fair as snow balls.
Aw.... give me a sugar baby!!!!

Giant Snow (fur) ball on the field!!!!

Hahaha... if there are something more hilarious, it is this Chi Wa Wa:

His master makes him looks like a stray dog... ow... how cute...

To be continue...

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