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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Melaka US Pizza

US Pizza, The Pizza Professionals

Even the Lady of Liberty likes it!

This is definitely the different US Pizza that you have tasted in Penang.

It is located at Bukit Beruang

It is not in the Melaka town, but it is consider near also.
(if you are not from melaka, and you want to come here, you should turn in by Ayer Keroh tol, and use Musaffar Height i.e. short cut *wink wink*)

Melaka US Pizza Map:

Once you are in Bukit Beruang, here is it.
If you still can't find the place, here is the address:
45&47, G/Flr, Jalan BBI 1,
Taman Bukit Beruang Indah,
Bukit Beruang,
75450 Melaka

Ignore the address in the receipt, its fake one, I have been living in Bukit Beruang in the past 7 weeks.... opss.... rahsia terbongkah....
We ordered 5 pizzas and 3 jugs of soft drinks
(They are having Tuesday special promotion)
I will try to name it correctly. (Let me know if I make mistakes)

Tuna deluxe

You can see the floss from far, can you? Mouth watery...

Ocean deluxe

My personal favourite

Bolognese Chicken

Chicken classic

See the meat, you really can't see this size of meat at Pizza Hut.

This is the left over, buit I don't think it is Penang special. I think they gave us classic chicken istead of Penang special.

AND soft drinks for every one... ignore the background, else she will bising again...

Comment: Thumbs up for US Pizza

(If you are from US Pizza and you want this photo, feel free to contact me or this model by
Obviously, Pizza Hut can't fight with US pizza by looking at US Pizza's portion. The only thing I think they should improve is on their speed and technique in keeping the pizza war. Most pizza that has stuffed in my mouth was slightly cooler than I have expected.

P/S: US Pizza's menu.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Engineer's artistic drawing

This was an very old art work which I did for an drama backdrop past week months.

I like the the 2 kids with are peeping from inside.

They use my "backdrop" as their drawings "backdrop" >.<
T.T... my drawing.....

Monday, August 10, 2009

UTeM star

These guys are going crazy

Don't understand what I mean? View here.
Can't watch the video? Come here.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


SUBWAY eat fresh.
Eat or no fresh I don't know, but it is the best sandwich I have ever munch.
Ok, I agree that the veges are fresh but not the meat. Ham are never fresh (it takes time to bloat). Its like sour grapes psychology since I have skipped meat for more than a month.
Oh well..... this is the meals that ends my vege fast for the past 1 month. (but after that meal, I keep back to vege ^^)
The question is: Have you ever tried Subway's Sandwich?
If you are as nerd as me, never tried it before, here are some guidance for you:

(0) Choose your meal @ sandwich flavour from the menu

Well, basically you don't choose the meat by picking it on the tray, you look at the menu for illustration.

(1) Choose your favourite bread ranging from :

I choose Parmesan Oregano. I know that the cheese used was not from a tip top quality, but I still smell and taste the aroma and texture of the baked chess on top of the bread.

(2) Choose your toppings

I should have choose cheese, but oh well, I choose lettuce and tomatoes.

(3) Choose your sauces

I choose mayonnaise and BBQ sauce. (Huhuhu... I am a huge dairy product fans)

(4) Add chips or cookies plus a drink

I took chocolates cookies:
and Jackie took chips

I didn't regret to take the cookies at 1st because you know, these packed chips are so usual, that I am glad I can get something "unusual"

But soon I regreat. The chocolate cookies are too sweet for me, that I share 1 cookie with Jackie

and for drinks, there are various of soft drinks. Since I have left soft drink so a while, so I just take lemon tea (it taste less that what I have expected)

(5) Munch the Sandwich all way into digestive system!

Ok, lets see. 2 drink, 2 sandwich and 2 sweetmeat.

My portion

Didn't looked so good

Neither from the inside.

But once you have your 1st bite, you can't stop until you have all your fingers licked.

Next, the cookies. Muahahaha... my mouth is bigger than Jackie's.
Oppsss..... ^^

Later on the afternoon, we went to have a movie : On his Majesty's Secret Duty and change my prepaid plan to D' campus.