First Hand Update From My Instagram

Monday, August 3, 2009

Jackie Loi Wing Hong!!! You are going to get it form me!!!

I am regret to lent my laptop to JLoi. I was so generous to lent him until I myself can't online and you see what he did to me:

After I get back my laptop from loi just now, like usual, 1st thing of course check e-mail 1st mah, then I mah open my email lor:

Someone drain my e-mailPhotobucket

I deleted 34 e-mail but there are more. All from facebook, showing that some one comment my photo. So I went to have a check.

OMG!!! 63 notification?!!Photobucket

what the.....Photobucket

then I click in and see....Photobucket All of you bloggers was the one who drain my inbox

Ceh... don't have my face.... aikkk... but why got my name one.... then I search search and search:

PhotobucketWhat? My face as the word " Top Stalker"

Photobucket Jloi you so good ah, tag me huh!? Do it infront of me huh when I was with you huh? I will make sure you suffer kaukau!!!