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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rapid KL bus is revising their fares.

Can anyone explain to me what those zone zone means?
Will I spend more or less?
I am blur >.<


  1. from -rapidkl fanz-

    just want to share with you about rapidkl new fare.

    basicly UTAMA buses will be into 4 zone. the fare based on the zone you will travel. normally zone 1 which you travel near kl city center or near the place you start the travel and expand's zone (2,3,4)mean when you travel far from zone 1, you taking bus for long distance route.

    will spend more or less, have to depend on where you start to go and where you will end you travel. the ticket valid on the bus, once you off the bus, ticket not valid anymore.

    my suggestion, take the Monthly Travel Card (MTC) prices in (rm100- including all bus U,T and B), (rm40 - for T buses), (rm50 - OKU,senior citizen and uniform).

    just like LRT monthly travel card..


  2. -rapidfanz-

    visit rapidkl website for route's zone explanation:

    each buses route had it once zone's colour. for example : U26 - had 3 different colour - each colour represent 1 zone. so, mean it will be rm2.50 b'cos it will pass 3 zone. max fare will be only rm3.00 if more than 4 zone.

  3. Getting this kuala lumpur bus fares information is not very easy but this page have made it quite easy for me.