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Friday, August 7, 2009


When I was told by my friend about the Youth club, I was amaze and wanted to change my phone number just because of the lower rates. 1 cents to same operator and 5 cents to different operatos while calling rates is as low as 12 cents per minutes.
But then, I found out something more interesting on the next few weeks! It is the D'Campus from Digi. Its sms are 1 cents on same operator but 6 cents on different operator. For friends and family, sms are FREE. Do you get me? Its FREE!!! And for the calling rates, though a bit expensive than youth club but after RM2.00 has spend for the day, all calls to digi network are FREE. Again, its FREE!!!

However, I didn't change to the D'Campus immediately. I was hesitating, between keeping my number or lower rate, because D'Campus is only available for new simpack. Then, when I went to Digi center 2 days ago with jackie, I found out this:

Starting from 3 Aug till 31 Oct, we, the existing Digi user can change our prepaid plan to D'Campus at any Digi center.
So, what are you guys waiting for? Change to D' Campus lah!

Anyway, I also found out something quite interesting:

PhotobucketDigi mistakenly put my 3 campuses as to 3 University..... My uni really that "famous" until nobody bother to check it status meh......Photobucket

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