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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Season's Cafe, Grand Season Hotel's Chap Goh Mei & Valentine Buffet 2014 [Food Review]

Hey ya, you know what? Love is in the air~ <3 <3 *cough* I mean a good way, nothing political, not associate with who or whatsoever. Any similarity is NOT purely coincidental BECAUSE Valentine's day is just around the corner *throwing confetti*

Chinese New year is coming to an end on Chap Goh Mei this Friday. Luckily or "Unluckily", it bump it into Valentine's day. I believe many of us, especially Chinese is having tug-of-war whether to spend this auspicious day with our family or our loved one.
Yea, Why not Zoidberg both?
I found out Grand Seasons Hotel's Seson's cafe have special buffet for both these important occasions, in the same place!
Salmon Yee Sang
Have you tried Lou Sang with your significant other during Valentine's day? That's  indeed new experience for me. Plus, you gotta bring along your parents. Oh, you tell me your parents hate western food while your loved one look forward for a romantic candle light dinner? No worries, bring your family along, dodge them and sit on another table LOL. Everyone need some space and your parent will definitely appreciate theirs. 

On the other hand, have you see so wide variety of dish in a single buffet set? 
Prawn cocktail

Chicken ham with Konbu

Salmon Sashimi

King Prawn with Special sauce

If you are not a cold cut person, great! Season's hotel have more special menu for the Chap Goh Mei.
Wok Fried Prawn with Patong Sauce

Grilled Beef Skewer with Teriyaki sauce

Fried Grouper with sweet and sour sauce

Note, these are just some special menu for the special occasion, they have their usual buffet menu as usual.

Chinese Cold Cut 4 Types on dragon Stand, Butcher Palate, Seafood Cocktail on Glass, Assorted Maki Roll, Avocado Cheese salad, Smoked Chicken Breast, Herring on Glass, Tomato Kanistick Salad, Bell Pepper Sausage Salad, Potato Mushroom    Vinaigrette, Smoked Salmon with Caper on Spoon, Fresh Seafood on Ice, Sashimi, Sushi Assorted, Jo Ho Char on Local Lettuce 

Fresh Highland mixed Local Lettuce, Asparagus Carrot, Japanese Cucumber, Red Cabbage, Garlic & shallot Confit, Black olive, Green Olive, Sundried Cherry Tomato Shaving - Parmesan, Herb Croton, Bacon Bit, Kernel Corn Salsa, Rojak Buah-Buahan 

Thousand Islands, Mango Honey Mustard, Italian, Vinaigrette Shallot, Caesar & French 

Fresh Assorted Maki Roll & Fotomaki, Shashime, Salad 3 Types & Condiments

Fish Maw with Five Tresure Soup – C
Roasted Golden Pumpkin Soup with – W
Roll & Butter 

Fresh Salmon Yee Sang with condiments, Display Pamelo and Mandarin Orange – C 

Tepanyaki with Condiments – J
Grilled Chicken & Beef with Condiments – M

Roasted Duck & Sesame Chicken with Sauce - C

Yee Mee, Brassica, Carrot, Mushroom, Starch Chicken, Prawn White, Fried Fish Cake, Chilli, Anchovies Gravy – C 

Grilled Saba Fish Fillet Teriyaki – W
Stew Lamb Cutlets with Saute – W
Assorted Mushroom
Baked Cannelloni Gra’tin – W
Vichy Carrot & Garden Green – W
Herb Marinated Beef Skewer on Smoked Gravy – W
Roasted Turned Potatoes with Bean – W

Steamed Home Style Garoupa Fish Head - C
Wok Fried XO Mussel Infused Bird - C
Eye Chilli Traditional Baked Beggar Chicken - C
Wolf Berry Stir Fried Prawn Shrimp Spicy Paste - C
Curry Leaves Stew Sea Cucumber Renion Prow Choy - C
Fried Ngah Ku with Rainbow Vegetable – C

Curry Ayam Debal – M, Ikan Tenggiri Asam Manis Berkuah – M, Rendang Hati Lembu Tok Su – M, Patelis Terung Seri Rampai – M, Nasi Putih – M

Baked Apple Cheese Cake, Mini Pandan Swiss Roll, Sesame Coconut Ball, Mixed Omochi, Assorted French Pastries, Nyonya Kuih, Kuih Kapeh, Fruits Tartlet, Chinese New Year Goodies, Fresh Slices Fruits, Variety of Mousse and Jelly in Mini Glass, Mandarin Orange Bread Pudding, Steamed Ningko, Deep Fried Ningko, Tong Yuen in Syrup

After a hearty, fulfilling dinner, what's next? Going to next station? No no no,

Deep Fried Ningko with Yam and sweet potato

Assorted lotus seeds aka Kuah Zi

Assorted cakes and mousse 

Strawberry Cheese Cake

Pineapple cake

Mandarin Oranges (note: those are not just freaking gold chunks, it's chocolate and it's taste freaking nice too)

How if you feel like a piece or 2 of Ningko but your loved one likes cheese cakes? Ya'll know what he answer will be right? ;)

Psst... going to buffet is a good way to control your Valentine's spending, no worry that your loved one will order dish out of your budget.
For reservation, please contact Grand Season via 03- 2697 8888 or email at

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