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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pizza Gallery [Food Review]

I took a long time to think of the introduce of this post. This place gives me profound memory but at the same, not something must try and to recommend to everybody. Usually, pizza lovers will look forward to the cheese, topping and sauce. I think this shop's pizza high-light is on their bread. Although they offer both  thin crust or pan crust,  I person like the pan crust more. On all my other visit to pizza shops, I will almost certain to order thin crust instead of pan crust or other thicker bread. Be it overflow with cheese with all the mozzarella stick wrapped on the side of the bread, too many bread makes me enjoy less variety of topping. This place reverse my custom completely. If I revisit this restaurant, the pizza bread will be my most look forward item.

As usual, comment is still comment, no bias on my less favorite item, so here is all the item I have tried:

Cheese Bread, RM 6.90
Although this is like an appetizer, but we have it during the end of our meal. The bread is incredibly soft. Match with the salted butter and chewy cheese( my guess is mozzarella), definitely my top ten best bread list.

Soup of the day
With this kind of bread's quality, I put high expectation on the soup as well, but it pull my mood straight down to floor. It was not an in-house made soup. At least, what experience tell me this is a very common flavor. It can either be a instant soup packet or from a renowned distributor. The worse is, there are still lumps in the soup *facepalm*

Ceasar Salad, RM 8.90
Nothing to shoot. Pretty decent.

Cheese Macaroni, RM 12.90
My favorite pasta on the night is this one, Mac N' Cheese. The creamy cheese is so dense and flavourful. If you don't like cheese, you will hate it a loooot!

Spaghetti Seafood, RM 15.90
It has a lot of seafood, but it still doesn't impress me. I am annoy that most Aglio Olio style pasta has no garlic flavor/taste/texture, not even garlic bits are in sight. Although it doesn't mentioned it's a Aglio Olio, it still gives me disappointment. Never the less, it's still second in my heart and.

Aglio Olio, RM 10.90
This is a weird combination. Cheese + hot sauce in this recipe doesn't blend well.

Tom Yum Spaghetti, RM 15.90
All my mate on the table agree that this pasta is too spicy. Some of us even suffer from burn tongue sensation, runny nose and tearing uncontrollably.

Beef  Pepperoni, RM 22.90
(Beef Pepperoni  & Mozzarella)

Island Seafood, RM 27.90
Thousand Island sauce, pineapple,onion, tuna flake & mozzarella

Satay Delight, RM 25.90
Satay sauce, satay chicken, onion, garnishing with red chili, cucumber & mozzarella

Tom Yum Special, RM 29.90
Tom Yum sauce, squid, prawn, crabstick,onion, garnishing with cilantro & Kaffir Lime Leaves & Mazzarella

Sweet & Sour Lover Pizza, RM 24.90
Lime sauce, tuna flakes pineapple & mozzarella

Of all the pizza above, I don't think there are all fair presentable. There is a saying on the internet: "Sex is like Pizza, even when it's bad, it's still pretty good."
*cough* we were like having Pizza orgy in the restaurant, all of them are pretty decent, until one: Tom Yum special.I hate spicy food that destroy my taste buds. Similar with Ton Yum pasta, only this one is less invasive. My table mate has very extreme response, either love it a lot or hate it a lot. I am the later.

Italian Supreme, RM 26.90
Beef pepperoni, salami, capsicum & mozzarella
But there is a one thing that I must praise. Like I say in the introduction, this will be my most look forward thing. I never go to a Pizza restaurant that I will prefer pan crust more than thin crust, this is the only exception. However, I still retain my recommendation. I want to go back to try the bread again when it turn cold. If it get soggy or hard to tear off, it will be a failure.

Signature Chicken Wings, RM 15.90
A love hate mix feeling toward this fried chicken. The deep fry method has retain the wing's moisture but the batter and bread crumb is too thick, plus the frying temperature is too high, the bread crumb has become a sand-paper-like texture that scratch my palate.

Chicken Burger, RM 12.90
The owner keep pushing and recommending us this dish. It used to be 9.90. Of course, their bread is good as always, the size is also great, but the other are all failures. The chicken is too dry, cheese has not melt ( I suspect those are cheddar from major supermarket that has packaged into piece using plastic wrap), fries has been frying for too long etc.

I don't think I will visit this place very often, but it's effeminately unique in it's own way.

Put aside Pizza Gallery's dishes, I meet a girl Kyrina during the review session. She makes design cakes and sell them. You can contact her via 6013-6410818 or or

I love her cupcake very much. Instead of a bouncy airy textre that most cupcake has, it's very dense, almost like shortcake. Not only pretty but taste fantastic at the same time.

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