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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stay Active and Moving Comfort with Neubodi

First of all, disclaimer for this post. I know you notice that I do post-process for most (or all for my recent years post) of my photo. But this post, I am just snapping using compact and not post-processing (or more know as editing or photoshop) at all! Just a simple resize and watermark.

As the Chinese New Year just pass by, it's time to reflect how much you have achieve. Be it you have set your New Year's Resolution that might have never persist more than February (I am saying my diet plan, I know you have been doing well *cough* else you wouldn't be interesting in reading this), or you weight gaining log on attending all these Chinese New Year Open house, Lou Sang, Start work  feast, company dinner, department lunch, department meeting, snack from colleague travel to overseas during Holiday period (T_T oh... my.. why am I forcing myself to remember these sad memories T_T).

For me, a foodie that had a fractured back medical history,  my weight log is always on the rise. I have tried to workout too, but none of them work too well for me. Whenever I start to workout, I stop earlier than what I plan to, because my back pain kicks-in and I am not able to move my waist and hips further until I get some rest.

So, when Neubodi approached me to give me he sporting attire Moving Comfort Sport Bra and Neubodi Active pants, I was really skeptical that it can really help me loose 1 pant size.

Jubralee & Haute Slim Pant

Moving Comfort is the sister company of Brooks sportswear, solely focusing on women's sports bra on the right fit and the right support for women.

They have a few types of bras and 2 types of stretch pants. The purple on the top left provide high waist stretch  to act against those stubborn spare tires; whereas the blue one on the right concentrate more on your leg's curve.

I took the purple one, because I think I need to focus on my spare tire. Those circles are getting comparably bigger than my boobs now. My experience in wearing the bra is that it let out too much accessory breast (note, beside my water mark). Other than that, it's pretty awesome. The stretchy material was able to hold my breast so that when I run, my 2 friends will not jiggle in front of me. Owning an E cup, I am not too afraid of the men's attention. I feel more annoyed by my jiggle-wiggle friend that fells like almost fall out from my chest whenever I run. Tell you what, I almost feel like holding those fats, each hand one during I run, so that they don't jiggle that much. As for the stretch pants, it's the most magical thing that can happen in a sporting attire. The moment I wear these, I can feel like the material is grabbing me so much that I starts to sweat even if I don't move. When I run with normal sports attire, I will start to feel ants bite only after running 2 km non stop, now by wearing Neubodi's Active stretch pants, I can feel the ant bites even just after 2-3 minutes of run. It's feel so good! I really like the ant bites feel, it's a effect I know I am doing the right thing. On the other hand, the high waist design supports my back injury, making me feel less tired even after long runs. 

Ya'll know I don't like exercise due to my medical history. The soreness on my back is too much to bare compare to a good looking curves. But for the sake of my beloved reader *cough* I have did it for you guys. I have tested it out and I have the results. A positive one indeed. Note that I didn't even exercise too often, just once week, around 25-40 minutes only.

The result: My waist have shrink 1cm. Well, although it was not as huge as the 1 pants size down promise, but looking by my extremely little effort, it's HUGE for me. I am sure in an alternate universe somewhere in a Galaxy far far away, 1 cm is equivalent to 1 pant size down XP. Beside, I can still cut down 1 cm while enjoying all kinds of post celebration calories. 

Well, the SHOCK news is, waist slimming down is NOT the only effect I encounter. I have made SIGNIFICANTLY visible progressive in cutting down cellulite and Edema. If I know these sports attire can do this, I should I record the whole process of before and after to show you. I didn't believe myself when I first realize it, but after my second attempt, the cellulite and Edema is even less than after my first use, only I realize how magical it was. I was only able to show the before and after of my last workout session.

This picture below, obviously, is my back side. I know I have a perky hips, so I watermarked it, you know, just in case someone steal it in the future. I am not belittle myself. I know girls (and even guys too), whether fat or slim can suffer from cellulite and edema at any age. I am having this problem as well. I have tried many methods, cream, exercise, cycle, used specialized Yoga pants, nothing works.At the end, the only thing I can do is to cover them up. When I first realist I have spider vein, I NEVER wear short parts/skirts out in public.
It took me a lot courage to take these picture, publish it w/o editing. 

It's clear than these un-regular fat build up make my leg looks lumpy and old :( 

So, on the same day, I paced for 2 km on a thread mile for 25 minutes, with speed around 5 to 5.5 and incline of 3.

The result is visible on next day:
The effect of Edema are almost gone. The irregular fat structure of cellulite was hardly visible and my leg don't look as buff as the day before.

Even I myself is so amazed by the effect, so I took a closer look.... and now I am a super creepy vain that likes to look at my own butt.

What say you? Do you want to try it out to see what it can do to you?


  1. Very nice and motivational post for me. You have lost a lot of weight and truly speaking, your workout clothes are looking very trendy. I also need to lose some weight and first I would like to get such comfortable and stylish clothes for yoga class.