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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jyu Raku [Food Review]

A series of unexpected incident and an impromptu decision take us (my makan kaki) to this place. I wasn't giving too much expectation. It turn out to be a extremely expensive place that is impressively scrumptious with comparably cheaper price than it's same level competitors.  

When you first walk in, there will be a row of sashimi bar on your left. Although people are screaming "irasshaimase" which also means "don't let him go out unless he spend all his money~~~~!"(Dayo WOng reference), all in my mind was damn.. those plastic painting are getting real! Or  not, because they are real! Slurps.
There are 2 floors in the restaurant.
When you reach the end of the passage, there is a stair leading to upstrais

There are booth,

normal western tables set,

or even tatami.
But no worries, no need to crooked your knee and sit on the cold hard floor. It's alter to suit our comfortableness.

The complimentary appetizer is a scoop of potato salad on lettuce. I can do better but I am definitely not complaining to have such warm hospitality.

Soft Shell Crab Temaki, RM 8
Handroll is like a very common Japanese dish that needs no introduction. The nori (seaweed) sheet is still dry and crisp. Some of the time, cook from outside of Japan put steaming hot rice on the sheet, makes this sheet soften. This is not the case. I though the crab will be crispier, but it was just ok.

Hotate Kushiyaki Shio / Tare, RM 12
2 stick of  skewered scallop in sweet sauce. You can either choose sweet or savory sauce. The scallop is huge (not the largest I have seen but comparably huge to what you can get outside) and full of scallop roe. I am a bit disappointing that it has lost it's umami. Since it is not completely rubbery, so that keep me going, which is nice.

So, these are the only 2 Ala Carte item we ordered. All the item below belong to a Bento set.
Sakura Bento, RM 80

Fresh and crispy iceberg lettuce goes well with anything and everything.

From back to front,  Sake (salmon), Hirame (fluke) and Maguro (tuna)
I enjoy the thick cut and the minty shiso leafs. However, it could be better to preserve the texture and the mild sweet juice in the fishes. I think the salmon sashimi has left for a while, not the freshest but I can live with this.

Sushi:  maguro roll, Ikura gunkan-maki, ika nigiri, salmon nigiri, Hirame nigiri, maguro nigiri
I am surprise by the size of ikura (salmon roe). I never served with such huge ikura in my life, though I know they exist. The mild salty taste increase it's marks sky high.

Fried Saba
Japanese has this skill to fry fish w/o over frying them. Though the skin is dry, crispy and flavourful, the inside is still firm ans juicy not like what we have in our local restaurant whereby our fish is dry like gnaw stick~

Cold Udon
I bad experience with Udon, exspecially cold Udon. I have been served tasteless warm soft udon for countless times in my life. There are even incidences when they put ice-cube in my soup @.@ This is so much better. With firm udon noddle, flavorsome cold soup/sauce dip, I finally found a decent cold udon in Malaysia.

Pretty decent tempura. Thin cut makes it to easy to absorb the dip and soften

Tempura dip and cawanmushi
Although it's not shown here, you may add shredded white radish to the tempura dipping sauce. It will makes it less salty and more sweet.
As for the cawanmushi, the egg are REALLY software and bouncy, just like pudding. But I guess it can take a bit more seasoning.

Grill mushroom and scallop
Well seasoned, I love it a lot.

The herbal mushroom soup is the reason this is my favorite dish of the night. When winter is coming on the northern globe and West Malaysia on raining monsun, a warm bowl for dinner is no doubt the best meal I can have. Shitake, konjac (devil's tongue), red carrot, etc might be the secondary element in Oden which can be replace by any other ingredient, but proves it's value with all the flavor it absorb that gave so much soul to this bowl of Oden.


Choco Monaka (waffer ice-cream) RM 12.00
I have no idea how to made this, thought the are only 3 key ingredient: vanilla ice-cream, chocolate and waffer. I never know such simple ingredient can bring out such interesting combination and enjoyment.


13 Jalan SS 15/5a, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Phone: 60 3-5633 3819  
Instagram: Jyurakuss15
(funny they have Instagram but don't have Facebook)

Overall: 9/10 [Totally recommended, but plese prepare your purse for liposuction]
Taste bud indulgence: 9/10 [Amongst the good taste level in it's category]
Purse Saver: 8/10 [Slightly expensive than most Japanese franchise in Malaysia]
Location: 7/10 [Located on a street full of international cuisine, you might change your mind of the last second you step in when you know there is a cheaper Rakuzan next to it]
Service: 10/10 [Fast, efficient, knowledgeble, polite. What else can I ask for?]


  1. Cheap. LOL at your take of Irasshaimase. A pity Malaysians shout out the greeting rather than it being loud but warmth