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Monday, January 27, 2014

KyoChon 1991 [Food Review]

2 weeks ago, there were a huge K-pop Sensation in One Utama. If you are a Super Junior fans, you probably were there as well for KyoChon 's soft launch. I am very please to get invited to the official launch the next day these K-pop sensation visited, thought I have close to 0 interest in meeting. My sole purpose is their 22 years old friend chicken recipe.

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Located on LG-311 (opposite Cold Storage), New Wing 1 Utama, Damansara, Petaling Jaya, KyoChon is backed by their 3 promises:
1. We Promise to never serve fast food
2. We promises to use 100% natural Ingredient
3. We promise to use only the freshest ,healthiest Chickens

There are total of 4 flavor of fried chicken, which is:

Original Soy Series

Salsal Series

Red Series

Honey Series

These 4 different series are AMAZING. I can't pinpoint which is the best because each of them are very unique. For me, my favorite is the honey series: succulent juicy chicken, crunchy salty skin, coated with sweet sticky glaze. Oh... can you imagine this? >.<
Come close to second that almost equal to Honey series is the Original Soy Series.Crunchy outer skin is the 1st experience. Then comes the garlic salty and later soy sauce taste. The chicken might be overpower by the saltiness causing hatred by  "healthy living" philosopher, but that's the same reason I love it SOOOO much! The soy after taste is so alluring, luring me for second piece.
Third in my list the red series. I love spicy food, but it's very hard to get a perfect balance between tingling sensation on the tongue and forest fire that can numb your senses in seconds. For me, Kyochon is red series slightly exceed the limit. During my tongue numbing and snivel flowing experience, I still can taste the vague sweetness and saltiness aside from spiciness.
My least favourite is Salsal series. No doubt it's a very creative cuisine. But using a block of dry chicken breast is not going to bring out the best of crispy rice cracker outer later.

I gave high rating to KyoChon on my Instagram and get a lot of interest from people around. Le boyfriend even wanted to try it out the same night. I have no reason to reject, plus I get a RM 20 voucher from the launch earlier. Shortly after, I regret deeply on my decision.

Blueberry salad RM 15.90 
I really don't understand this. There are no blueberry (or any kind of berries) inside, no any kind of meat. Yeah, you can add RM 6 for additional chicken, but RM 15.90 for ONLY vegetables and fruits (cherry tomatoes), a small bowl of it @.@ I don't want to condemn, but I highly suspect the bitter taste from the lettuce and arugula are from the chemical insecticide. But they say they use natural ingredient.... I never saw an unnatural lettuce... maybe they mean they eat plastic vegies?

Original Wings (small), 5 pieces, RM 9.90
Although the taste is really great, I don't think spending RM 10 for 5 small pieces of Chicken is worth.

Honey Stick (small) 2 piece, RM 10.90
Drum stick is awesome as well. THe tste is as great as what I tasted on the lauch earlier. However, do you see the dark color patches? It's blood, my mate.

Other than the items I have tried, I also realize there set as well, but it's only for lunch time.




However, my PR agent haven't prodive me any info about their price. That's also the reason I got shock when I bring le boyfie to dine in.HOnestly, I REALLY like their chicken, price wise, nah....

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