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Thursday, December 26, 2013

My 2 cents on Disney Princess after watching Frozen

Just my 2 cents after watching Frozen.
[Note: 2 cent is equivalent to 7 cents in Malaysia Ringgit if you are talking about U.S dollar. Click HERE for reference. You wouldn't regret, not some boring currency exchange stuff ;)]

I found a short click on YouTube regarding Merida's coronation in Disneyland.

After watching the video, my first thought was : Can't wait to see Elsa and Anna's coronation. But I am not too sure they will add them in, not every Disney princess has coronation like Merida. (Example: Tinkerbell, Esmeralda, Lilo, Alice etc. Maybe because they are not Royalty and never marry into a Royal Family?) Reading the video's comment and I am so agree of one of the comment, it's like speaking my mind.
The older generation of princess is slowly overlook and I am not upset by it even a bit. The older generation of princess, like Cinderella,Aurora,Ariel,Belle,Jasmin need someone to complete them (a Prince, duh...) but on recent years, might be due to the feminism's uprising, the new princess are carrying different value. Instead of waiting for someone to save them, these Princess (Mulan,Rapunzel,and finally Merida) carries an independent value. It's clear that the society's value towards girls has changed so much over the years; or is it only Disney? It took two hands to clap, if the society is not accepting the value convey by Disney, these Disney Princess movies will not get as popular as it always be.  If i have a daughter, I will prefer them to take after these new Princess rather than the stereotypical older generation of Princess.

For say, in Frozen, to cure Anna (protagonist), she need an act of love. Every character in the movie assume it is the "True Love Kiss". I was really angry during this scene. I thought "blah... boring true love kiss plot, which can never happen in real life. Meh... I can expect what will happen next~" . However, it turns out, it's her sister, Elsa (deuteragonist) the Queen saved her by hugging her and crying. I am not saying this is anywhere near to reality compare to "True Love Kiss" , but the moral value is very different. Instead of waiting for someone (typically a guy) to save them, love of sister (or family) is just as significant; instead of waiting for God to drop you a guy, family 's love is as magical as opposite sex's love. However, Disney still arrange a guy over to help these princesses. Perhaps they are worry that w/o the Prince, Disney movie will lost support from romantics fans? As for Frozen, the Prince has become the villain, which reflect real life situation, whereby not all love is true and loyal.

Compare to 40-50 years ago, viewers can never imagine this kind of plot twist. I wonder if they will be one day a Lesbian Princess?  Just saying... something that usual now was impossible back then.

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