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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pattern of great student .

Well, uni life is almost the same for all student, we go to lecture, sign attendance and leave. Some more responsible student will still stay in the lecture room.

Guess what they do in it. Yes, some listen to lecture and some of them:
Sleeping when other ppl doing presentation

Sleeping when other ppl doing presentation
With same pattern

Sleeping when other ppl doing presentation
When their classmate is doing presentation.

Ok, thats fine. Since they are not disturbing anymore.
However, this girl seems to be very cool.

Sleeping when Dean is teaching
She is sleeping on the first row, not to mention is it the Dean's lecture.
If you think that is awesome enough wait till you see this:

Disapeared from lecture room
PhotobucketShe dissapear while the class is still on.

Cool huh, you know what, the disappear girl shown above is me T.T
I have been spy......Photobucket
When you see this, I am most probably in test or after my control priciple test. Wish me luck ok? I know I likes to sleep but I am still a human being.... give me another chance????


  1. The guys sleeping with the same pattern very funny larh. The girl disapear to where?? Lecturer din scold? so kind.. Good luck for your test.

  2. The girl is me T.T I was out to answer a very important call. Some more the lecturer is my faculty's Dean (Dekan). He is very nice, didn't scold, but not sure he wiull do something to my marks or not ~~~

  3. haha yeah.. sleep! i always do that back in uni also =P